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Looking for alternatives to iResize? is a top-notch online enhance tool that offers a range of powerful features for effortless image enhancement. Explore its capabilities today.

If you are wondering how to change the size of an image or a bulk of images at once without much trouble, iResize is an option you can choose. Most of the time, it is necessary to change the size of an image according to your necessity because they are not the size you require, especially if you are working professionally. 

There are many options to choose from. Multiple apps and software are available to complete the job of resizing images. This article focuses on alternatives you can choose from while resizing the images instead of iResize.

All of the names of the alternatives that would be mentioned below have their individual qualities and features that will be discussed further. 

What is iResize?

Home Page of iResize

Whether you are a common person or a professional working on a blog or a website, you have come across the requirement of resizing your image for one purpose or another. You can choose from many software and tools to accomplish your requirement.

iResize is one such tool that would be useful if you want to resize your image. Resizing includes changing the size of the image, compressing the image and saving the image in the following formats; JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD etc.

iResize is easy to work on and is highly collaborative on Windows. It is especially useful for resizing images when they are in bulk. It has the feature of resizing an unlimited number of images. Thus, you can resize, compress and save uncountable images at once. 

Why is Resizing and Upscaling Important?

Correctly resizing an image is extremely important. If you are a professional, all your images will not be the exact size you want, and you need to make them the right size. However, in most cases, when you try to change the size of an image, you change the pixel information of the image.

In cases where you are reducing the size of an image, if there is any unnecessary pixel in the image, it would be discarded by the photo editor, as is the case of Photoshop.

On the other hand, if the photo editor is instructed to enlarge the photo, it adds to the pixel information in a way that it feels is best suited. This often does not end in a best-wanted result. The image is either seen to be more pixelated or blurry. Here comes the concept of upscaling images.

The primary object of upscaling an image is that it helps to enlarge or improve the image quality you will submit. These online tools are beneficial for upscaling the quality when working with archival/historical images and working with less crisp free stock images that might seem too tiny for your use. 

In today’s world, where the demand for digital photographs is only increasing daily, be it a professional or not, one must learn to use tools to enhance the quality of the images they take and post online.

You have to stand out from the rest and produce pertinent and high-quality photographs if you want to be noticed and stay relevant in the market. With the use of the technology that is available to you, you can save yourself from the rest of the 78% of photographers who turn in photographs with digital noise and substandard quality. 

Check here the list of the iResize Alternatives



Home page of

‍ is a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance image quality. This innovative tool can upscale images, improve resolution, and reduce noise, all while preserving essential details and avoiding common issues like pixelation.

It's a valuable tool for various users, from photographers and graphic designers looking to improve their images to businesses wanting to enhance product photos for e-commerce.

This platform accepts multiple image formats and offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to enhance their images. Whether you're working with a low-resolution image that needs to be upscaled for print or a high-resolution photo that requires noise reduction, provides a quick and effective solution.

How to use

Step 1 - Open the app or get the application from the Google Play store or Apple App Store

You can download the App by tapping the Google Play Store and perhaps even Apple App Store symbol on your smartphone's display, or you can enter "" and hit Enter in your web browser.

Step 2 - Press the Image Upload button

After launching the App, select the file you would want to upscale by hitting the Upload Image button. The photo can be uploaded in JPEG, JPG, PNG, or WEBP format, with a maximum image dimension of 1500 x 1500 pixels. The processing of your image by the app won't take long; just be patient.

Step 3 - Choose the AI scaling option at 4X

The upscaling option can be changed to 4X to improve your image beyond 2X resolution. Following that, you will have two options for image upscaling:

  • Typical scaling to 4X (1932 x 1416)
  • AI scaling up to a 4X (1932 x 1416)

You can upscale your image to 8X using if you want to. 

Step 4 - Select the Quality-Enhancing button

The button to improve quality can then be checked (ON/OFF). When disabled, your photographs will change from being of low quality to being of excellent quality. However, when activated, it can improve the processed image's resolution by removing JPEG artefacts and balancing its sharpness and softness without sacrificing its natural appearance.

Step 5 - Save the upscaled photo

When the user is pleased with the image's quality, they can select "Download Image" to store the image on their laptop, normal computer, iPhone, or Android phone.

2. ImageMagick:

Home Page of ImageMagick

ImageMagick is one of the best free, open-source software that can be used for creating, editing, composing, and converting digital images. It is an appropriate alternative to iResize. It works on most devices like the Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Xfce etc. 

With the use of multiple computational threads, it enhances the performance of the software. It can read and process white mega-, tera-pixel, and giga- image sizes.

Many functions can be performed in this software apart from resizing, flipping, rotating, distortion of the image etc. It is also possible to adjust colour, apply variation and do transformations in the image. You can also draw, type, and create lines, shapes etc., in this software.

One of the best features of this software is that it is free, and to top it off, and it is open-source. Thus, it allows anyone and everyone to access its features for free and fully use the amazing features they provide.

3. XnConvert:

Home Page of XnConvert

XnConvert is a powerful tool that will help you fulfil your purpose at top speed and completely free of cost. The best feature of this tool is that you can use this tool as a batch image converter.

You can easily convert, rotate, and compress your photos and images via this converter. You can resize your image, crop them and adjust their size in bulk. Not only this, but you can also adjust colours and bring transformation to your image using this tool. There are over 80 actions that you can apply to your image using this tool. 

It works on devices like the Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Xfce etc. and supports the following formats: TIFF, PNG, JPEG-XL, PDF, HEIC, DNG, GIF, JPEG etc. You can also reuse the presents saved earlier for a new batch of images. 

Not many tools come free of cost, so it is one of the biggest advantages in its favour. Anyone who is a professional has a lot of advantages in investing in a tool that costs them money.

However, if someone does not have so much of a requirement, they would like to get the job done for free and, thus, would go for a tool that allows them access to their features at zero cost.

4. Ceasium image compressor:

Home page of Ceasium image compressor

Among other image optimisation software, the Ceasium image compressor is among the most trusted by bloggers, photographers, and web admins. It ensures the compression of an image by up to 90% without the loss of visibility. This software helps to store, send and share digital pictures.


1. Compressor: here, an effective interface is given with real-time preview and the ability to process multiple images simultaneously. Users who have advanced skills would find more features that can be helpful.

2. Command line tool: one of the most attractive features of Caesium is the command line tool. You can compress images on the command line. This advanced technique can be used in MacOSX or Linux.

3. Compressing online: here, you can work online if you feel reluctant to download too many images. You can compress a bunch of images via online mode.

It is needless to say that Ceasium image compressor comes with the benefit of being extremely user-friendly. Anyone capable of understanding the process would be able to work on it. 

It would be extremely inviting for professionals to work on software that has so many features and comes with such guarantees as compression of an image with up to 90% without the loss of visibility. It would also provide an amazing experience for those new to this ad without much experience.

5. FastStone Photo Resizer:

Home Page of FastStone Photo Resizer

As mentioned earlier, there are many options to choose from, and one such option is the FastStone photo resizer. It comes with the advantage of converting and renaming a batch of images.

It supports formats such as TIFF, PNG, JPEG-XL, PDF, HEIC, DNG, GIF, JPEG etc., and you can save in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, JPEG2000, GIF, TIFF and BMP. They allow you to Resize, add text and effect, draw, change and apply colour, add watermarks etc.

They also allow you to preview and rename the earlier conversions if necessary. You can rename the images in the sequential format as well.  One of its advanced features is that it allows multithreading, which manages multiple images at once, resulting in enhanced performance.

6. GraphicsMagick:

Home Page of GraphicsMagick

GraphicsMagick allows you to resize, manipulate, read and write your image in over 92 formats, including DPX, JPEG, PNG, PNM, TIFF, PDF, etc. Here you can use muti-threading with the use of OpenMP.

Since it can be built on nearly every general-purpose operating system that uses 32- or 64-bit CPUs, GrephicsMagick is very portable. Unix and Unix-like system, which includes Linux, can operate GraphicsMagick. It also functions on devices like MacOS X and Windows (7, 10, Vista, etc.).

Gigapixel-sized images have been tested and supported by GrephicsMagick. You can build dynamic web pages using GrephicsMagick, as they can instantly create brand-new pictures.

An image can be sharpened, colour-reduced, given various effects, rotated or mirrored with the help of GrephicsMagick. You will be given the option to save the finished product in the original format or any other format you wish.

It does not cause any issues with the other installed software and does not suffer from as many security-related issues as the other software. Thus, you can use the software with the least number of worries.

It is safe to say and without a doubt that GrephicsMagick is one of the finest software that one can come across and have the opportunity to work on. However, for some, it might seem a bit complex. It would be easy and handy for professionals, though.

Others would require some time to get used to the advanced technology and fully utilise all the amazing features provided by the software. But once someone gets the hang of it, it becomes an exceptional ride to work on software like GrephicsMagick.

7. Image Resizer for Windows:

Home Page of Image Resizer for Windows

If you need to resize an image or a bunch of images directly from Windows Explorer, you should look at Image Resizer for Windows. They only work on the following operating systems: Windows, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7. It is better to say that this tool would only work on Windows. 

It is safe to say that it had a lot of popularity earlier. Still, eventually with the increase in other software and tools that not only work on various other devices and come with many other features, there has also been a sharp decrease in the popularity of Image Resizer for Windows.

However, it is extremely easy to use and can be used by anyone who might not require many advanced features. It fulfils the basic need to resize, edit, create effects, add text, and other features to your image. It also allows you to compress single or many images at once. It gives you the advantage of converting and saving in various formats.

They also come with the feature of quickly scaling up or scaling down images by selecting prior defined dimensions. This saves a lot of time and effort. Thus, it can be concluded that it is an extremely user-friendly software and provides hassle-free service to its customers.


There are many alternatives that you can choose from. All the alternatives that have been given here are one of the best and can be used at their best if you can discover their full potential.

It depends on your need about which app or software you would choose to get your job done. To test out all of them, you can employ one image for each tool, check which works better for you, and continue with that. 

Earlier, it was only possible for a professional to edit an image and resize an image. However, at the moment, with the advancement of technology and comprehendible AI, it has been made possible for anyone to resize and adjust an image the way they want it.

It has been easy for an amateur, beginner, and regular person to edit, resize and adjust their images. Thus, if you do not have enough expertise in this field, you can still produce your desired outcome with the help of the tools recommended above.

In the end, it is to be added that there might be a lot of options to choose from. However, you should pick the most relevant to your work and easily comprehendible by you.

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Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

What is the difference between Photoshop and


One of the basic differences between Photoshop and is that you can work on Photoshop on your desktop offline. However, you can work on via online mode using any browser.

Also, you require a desktop to work on Photoshop while runs on any device such as a phone, PC, Laptop etc. Photoshop must be pre-installed on the computer; there is no such requirement for

Due to the employment of bilinear interpolation in Photoshop, which uses the conventional method during resizing images, there is a probability that the image goes blurry as the algorithm is designed to foretell extra pixels. On the other hand, generates additional pixels using AI. This results in making the image more realistic.

Does the photograph’s quality decrease as they get larger?


Digital images are composed of tiny, square visual components called pixels. Pictures seem hazy and chaotic when enlarged because the tiny square is enlarged and visible on the screen when the pictures are zoomed in. 

In most cases, the opposite happens when you zoom out of an image. The pixels eventually become smaller, and the image becomes crispy.

How can I improve a blurry picture?


If you want to improve a blurry image, you do not need to master Photoshop skills. There are many excellent Photoshop enhancers online that can be considered as an appropriate alternative to Photoshop. Some of them have been listed above, including They can be worked on online and are extremely user-friendly.  

Are there any additional features or tools available with


In addition to image upscaling and enhancement, may offer features like image compression, background removal, and other image editing capabilities to further enhance your images.

Does offer batch processing for resizing multiple images at once?


Yes, provides batch processing functionality, allowing you to resize and enhance multiple images simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

Can handle different image formats?


Yes, supports various image formats including JPEG, PNG and more, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of image files.


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Quick And Easy To Use

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Upscale Images From Any Platform can be accessed on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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Can Be Used For Work And For Personal Use can be used for personal and professional use. Use tool for your collages, website projects, product photography, etc.

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Highly Accurate AI has an AI that processes your image accurately and upscales the image automatically upto 4X.

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Saves Time And Money

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