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 In today's world, high-quality images play a vital role in capturing your audience's attention. With the emergence of new technology, we now have access to high-efficiency image format (HEIC) that allows for more efficient storage of images. However, the challenge remains when we need to upscale these images without losing quality. In this blog post, we will provide tips and tools on upscaling your HEIC images without compromising their quality. So, let's dive in!

In its success story, Apple played a significantly important role in it. In fact, it was not introduced to any device of the company and other platforms, while Apple released and published this on iOS 11 in 2017. The MPEG group developed this image in 2015. Also, they have a considerable history of collaboration with the Apple Company and some different file software. 

In this, all the data history will be saved in typed boxes.HEIC includes the different specifications of the storage of HEVC image sequences and HEVC Intra image where its work prediction is applied to constraint manners.

When the file contains more than a single image, it will automatically code in different ways. At the same time, it has the current coding effect of HEVC and the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and JPEG of the secondary images. 

What are HEIC Image

HEIC (High Efficiency Image Format) is a file format used for storing images. It was developed by the MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) organization and is designed to be a more efficient replacement for the widely used JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format.

HEIC files use advanced compression techniques to achieve smaller file sizes while maintaining high image quality. This makes them particularly useful for storing large numbers of images on devices with limited storage capacity, such as smartphones and tablets.

HEIC files can store not only still images but also sequences of images, such as animations or video. They can also support advanced features like transparency and multiple layers. HEIC is supported by Apple's iOS operating system and macOS, as well as by some newer Android devices. However, it may not be supported by all image viewing and editing software.

Benefits of HEIC:

The HEIC uses an advanced level of editing methods, including decoding and coding, without opening a lot of resources in the computer. Along with the ability of the considerable amounts of images, HEIC image format compresses image size without losing its quality. For example, if you save images in HEIC format instead of JPEG or any other format, the image file size might decrease to half the size of JPEG format. 

It also replaces the GIF.  Compared to JPG, Upscale HEIC Image has 16-bit colors for editing while JPEG uses 8 different colors to edit. Therefore It shows the best HEIC quality and pretty good features. It has a broader range of colors and produces detail in the images.

The stand-able and more prominent colors can add to the various editing formats. One best HEIC feature is here that it can rotate the images gratefully. Furthermore, you can also use these effects on different platforms, like windows. But you have to need just some special tools for it.


Fast and Straightforward to Use:

There is no need for any additional type of interface. The app will work and boost instantly in seconds. The user in this app will welcome the gratefully typed self-explanatory overview that can easily show you the straight points.

When you edit the picture, it will be marked and dragged clearly. Then you can see the whole process done in just three simple steps. Here is the significant benefit of the Upscale HEIC Image that the tool does not contain any ads. This site is 100% free and available at any time for everyone. 

Multiple Formats:

The prominent editors are HEIC and JPG, and the best supporters are PDF and PNG, always making conversation about the various formats. For example, your image is transparent, and you will edit it with many effects and use the best quality possible. So there is the option to cover up by the PNG. Additionally, if you have the vital image for documents, you can do the conversion, and for this, the PDF format is best.

Processing of Batch:

The HEIC program was designed to cover 100+ images simultaneously with just one mouse click. You can also drop & drag the images and press the HEIC button in the left corner of your software or devices. The next option is that you can also group them. It depends on you. You choose formats that you will use to cover them. That will be easy and done in seconds.

Why does the iPhone take HEIC's Photos?

Apple chose this format with the new name of HEIF. Additionally, they want to use new format versions for the new devices. In the market, there is enormous competition for the formats, although HEIC always is the best. The attractive feature allows the files to be edited in a smaller size while maintaining the same higher level of image quality. 

It also allows for editing videos and saves files across devices. Apart from Apple, you can use the HEIC files regularly. Just open it on the Mac for Photoshop with a preview.

If you want to open the HEIC files in the preview, click the export button. When the format drops according to you into the drop menu, select the following options: PNG or JPG, then click to save. 

Lightroom and Photoshop Open the HEIC Files: 

Tools like Photoshop and lightroom are both tremendous and genuinely incredible tools. They are using the best edits for photos and videos from HEIC photographers. Along with updating your computer, laptop, mobile, lightroom, and the Photoshop app, you can easily check it when you open the HEIC file. If you are currently using the Mac, you must update the high sierra's running. 

The lightroom should be CC 1.4, and the lightroom classic should be CC 7.4. If you were already updating the HEIC files in 2019, you would still be able to use their new and various ways of editing.

Or, if you are a Windows user, you have to be updating your HEIC files from running Windows 10. Then you can use the Lightroom and Photoshop effects in the Upscale HEIC Image files for better editing. 

HEIC Files Window Users:

Suppose you are using the windows system. Some tools copy "Trans HEIC." It is free and most lightweight to use windows, allowing you to use both HEIC and JPG format facilities. When you are done and installed this. You will be 100% able to use the HEIC peacefully. 

You can also use the photos of windows for edits. Then you have the spreadsheet and the word documents just like the other images. Another thing there is one thing which cannot exist in it.

The copy Trans always provides editing in just one picture. Click and convert each file separately. If you want to use the windows system, you must follow all these methods. 

HEIC File Mac User:

If you are using a Mac, here everything will be simple. Mac allows the function that opens the HEIC files directly just in seconds there are no longer processed. First, open the file and click on the save button.

That is it. The HEIC file is saved. You can also drag & drop HEIC files into all your images. Then you have to wait for a second, and the system will automatically enhance and enlarge the photos according to what you want. 

Features of HEIC Image Files:

Images Metadata:

Here is the storage of XMP, EXIF, and other types of similar metadata. It will accompany the images and store the file of HEIC.

Image Sequences:

The storage of the multiple times of predicted images, for example, cinema graphs or burst-photo shot animations of their thumbnails and properties. You can use the different options to find the similarity between images. Therefore the file size will be reduced when many images are saved and stored into one file of HEIC.

Image Derivations:

When the derive, image enables the non-destructive image existing creating. The editing instructions are separately in the Upscale HEIC Image file. This instruction is for cropping one by one for the graphics.

The images will be stored in the HEIC file. If you want, it may describe the transformations applied to the images. 

Image Items:

Thumbnails and properties of images are along with the storage of individual images. 

Auxiliary Image Items:

The image data storage, for example, depth map, and alpha plan, may change with another image item. Sometimes the data may not display in it. Therefore, using different types of forms complements the other images and videos. 

HEIC File Format:

HEIC is a basic format on the base of the HEIF file. It uses the HEVC for better results, also known as the H.265. Use it and achieve the file's batter size without comparing the quality. For example, the image is taken into an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or macOS).

Then it will automatically store all data as Upscale HEIC Image. Whereas it also contains a format that can easily store the data as much as possible, single or multiple images. Along with the metadata, it will describe each image. 

How do I Open the HEIC Files?

First, you have to open your PC or mobile device. Right-click on the files, then open the photos. Then you have to click on the top of (yes). When they ask you to install HEIC extensions after that, go and install the file from Microsoft, and if you have a phone, install it from a play store when you have done the installation.

Open the photos files again, and then use the Upscale HEIC Image file from your own. 

The Hardware of HEIC:

The latest cameras are the Canon EOS R5, Cano EOS-1D Mark III, and Canon EOS R6. These cameras are used in the HEIC format for capturing the best images. It Will gives you the HRD display format. The color primaries are here BT.2100 and 10-bit.

Most cameras are supposed to capture the best images in Upscale HEIC Image file snapdragon 662, snapdragon 888, snapdragon 780, and snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Some of the latest hardware also supports capturing in HEIC with HDR. 

An extreme level of hardware in android smartphones like OPPO Reno 7 5g, Xiaomi 12, and Samsung Galaxy S21 5G is capturing images in HEIC format. With the iPhone 7 and other devices, Apple can capture all of the media in HEIC and HEVC formats. 

Is HEIC better than JPG?

If you want to list the answer, it is yes; upscale HEIC Image is best from the JPG format. Not only because JPG has half the storage expected the HEIC. But there is an image quality too. HEIC has the best image quality.

Everybody wants to use it in their windows, devices, and others. The next thing about HEIC is that this website is free to use every time it updates the functions of the format. Moreover, if you want to use JPG, it will take so long.

You have to deal with the bad headache of transforming the data for HEIC to JPG. Therefore you have to use some different websites, or you have to wait for it. When it completes, then you'll be able to use JPG. In every type, HEIC is best from the JPG. 

HICE File Compatibility:

Some file format has a much longer history than HEIC. It is compatible with other programs and devices. JPEGs are the most common file of images. It would be added to the program and website but will not open properly.

The HEIC file format works so well that it will open each website automatically and fast. Some of the devices are not using this file, but Apple is still using this website at the start of it. Apple also has its auto conversation tools.

HEIC File Converter: 

If you have thousands of images, the tiny piece of the software can easily convert all data HEIC to JPG in just 30 seconds. If you have the Upscale HEIC Image file, then you do not have taken the worry about storage. You notice no impact in your storage, and the software just took 20MB.

There is no panic about how your PC is strong or weak. Because your conversation engine is highly optimized, this process also takes a little time, like 30 seconds, since the conversation is done. Therefore the HEIC file Converter is compromising with windows and their version. No matter which type of version you have, it will work gratefully. 

What Software can Open the HEIC Windows?

Microsoft releases the window which can open HEIC it name is HEIF Image Extensions. It will allow you to use and open the HEIC for free. When you install it, you will see the difference in your computer that the files are working the same as the Upscale HEIC Image.

But unfortunately, it is available just for windows 10, not all. So if you are using an old model, you will not be able to use this window to open HEIC files. Then you will have to research some old windows that can run HEIC on your PC. 

Online Alternatives of HEIC Files:

Suppose you love to use online tools. Here is the best website for you. It would be the same and also work for the batch process. You will not have to wait for each image to edit. It will be done in the batch in a couple of seconds.

By using this website, you will be able to upload only 50 pictures a once. If you are a private person or concerned about privacy, you should use localized tools like HEIC file Converter.

Enhance HEIC Photos:

You want to enlarge and enhance your HEIC file format. It would be best if you chose the "AI Image Enlarger." It will be your best choice for it. Furthermore, the AI Image Enlarger cannot upgrade your files. It will always work for the images. This website is really quick for HEIC users.  


Choosing a proper tool for your devices and PCs. Then you will be able to do the smart work well. If the image level is 500, it will never be done at once. For this, you should use the HEIC file format. This format gives done your work in seconds. You would not have to do such formalities.

The functions work automatically. Sometimes you want to move your data to a new place using H.264 or JPG. You should use the HEIC file and experience its high-efficiency level. You can edit photos and videos without making any effort. It will work automatically in just a few seconds; the Upscale HEIC Image is good for you.

Learning Guide to Upscale Your Images

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Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at support@pixelbin.io

What does it mean to upscale an HEIC image?


Upscaling an HEIC image means increasing its resolution or size beyond its original dimensions. This is typically done using software or tools that use algorithms to add pixels to the image, resulting in a larger but potentially less sharp or detailed image.

Is it possible to upscale an HEIC image without losing quality?


While upscaling an image will always result in some loss of quality, there are software and tools available that use advanced algorithms to minimize this loss. These tools use techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence to add pixels in a way that preserves as much detail as possible.

Can I upscale an HEIC image on my phone or tablet?


Yes, there are many mobile apps available that allow you to upscale HEIC images directly on your device. However, the quality of the upscale may be limited by the processing power of your device and the quality of the algorithms used by the app.

What are some common use cases for upscaling HEIC images?


Upscaling HEIC images can be useful in a variety of scenarios, such as printing large format images, creating high-quality digital copies of older photos, or improving the visual appeal of low-resolution images for online use.

What is the difference between upscaling and resizing an HEIC image?


Resizing an HEIC image simply means changing its dimensions, either by making it smaller or larger. Upscaling, on the other hand, specifically refers to increasing the size or resolution of an image beyond its original dimensions.

Are there any downsides to upscaling an HEIC image?


While upscaling an HEIC image can be useful in certain scenarios, there are some downsides to consider. For example, the upscaled image may not look as sharp or detailed as the original, and there may be artifacts or distortion introduced by the upscaling process. Additionally, the file size of the upscaled image will be larger, which can be an issue for storage and transmission.

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Can Be Used For Work And For Personal Use

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