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  • Rohan Sharma

    I'm no expert in photo editing, but Upscale.Media makes me feel like one. The online enhancer is user-friendly, and the results speak for themselves. My social media posts have never looked better!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

What is Upscale.media?

Upscale.media is a platform that serves as an AI image enhancer, enabling users to upscale images while maintaining superior quality. Its advanced technology effortlessly enhances visuals, making it an ideal solution for individuals and businesses seeking high-quality image upscaling.

Is Upscale.media free Online AI Photo Enhancer?

Yes, with Upscale.media, you can enhance and upscale your low-quality images for free online. It only takes a few seconds to do so. PixelBin.io provides various subscription plans for commercial or professional use.

What images are supported?

Upscale.media now supports the image types PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP.

How can I use Upscale.media for bulk processing or commercial purposes?

You can batch process your images using our product PixelBin.io. PixelBin offers real-time image transformations with automatic optimization, image URLs, and storage for your media library.

What is the maximum image resolution / file size?

The maximum output resolution and size supported is 1500 x 1500 px and 25 MB.

Can I process the Images on Bulk with Upscale.media?

It is now easier to enhance the image quality online in bulk using PixelBin.io, where you get a first few transformations for free and rest you can avail by buying credits as per your requirements. You can also contact the customer service team for your custom package that fits the needs of your enterprise.

How can I Upscale an image using Upscale.media?

Step 1:
Download the Upscale.media’s app from the AppStore or PlayStore or go to the website and upload the image you wish to increase the image quality by clicking on the Upload Image option or simply using the Drag-and-Drop feature.
Step 2:
Hang tight for a few seconds, as a free AI photo enhancer enhances your image's photo resolution.
Step 3:
AI upscaling to 4X and Normal upscaling to 4X.
Step 4:
Download the image by clicking the Download Image option.

Which is the best AI photo enhancer?

Upscale.media is the best AI photo enhancer (AI image enlarger), utilising cutting-edge technology to upscale images while preserving exceptional quality and clarity. It is the top choice for enhancing photographs with AI.

Which is the best AI image enlarger for commercial purposes?

For commercial purposes, Upscale.media stands out as the best AI image enlarger. Its advanced AI algorithms ensure exceptional image enlargement while maintaining top-notch quality, making it the ideal choice for businesses seeking professional-grade upscaled images.

How to increase image quality online?

Step 1:
Visit Upscale.media website or download it on your Android or Ios device
Step 2:
Click on the "Upload Image" option or use the convenient Drag-and-Drop feature to upload your image.
Step 3:
Wait a few seconds as the free AI photo enhancer enhances your image's resolution.
Step 4:
"upscaling to 2X" and "upscaling to 4X", and you click on the "Enhance Quality" button. Select your preferred option and click "Download Image" for the enhanced image.

Upscale and Enhance your Images Online with Upscale.media

Do you wish to convert your low-quality image to a high-quality one? Well, enhance your images with Upscale.media’s AI image upscaler.

Enhance photo quality with Upscale.media's AI image resolution enhancer converts low-quality images into high-definition masterpieces in seconds. Effortlessly upscale images and improve the resolution of your images automatically online using Upscale.media.

Upscale and Enhance Image Quality

Upscale.media helps you make the most out of state-of-the-art technology that helps in clarifying, enhancing, sharpening, and upscaling your image quality for free online. With Upscale.media’s AI Image Upscaler, you get stunning photos that are of high quality.

Increase Image Resolution in Bulk

Upscalling of photos are possibile by Pixelbin.io offers bulk image upscaling, allowing you to enhance multiple images quickly and easily. Simply upload your images, select your desired resolution, and download the upscaled versions. It's that easy!

Enhance Image Quality Of PNG, JPEG, JPG, And WebP Images

Using Upscale.media’s AI, you can upscale the image resolution from PNG, JPEG, JPG, and WebP images in no time. The AI is well equipped to upscale and enhance images for free online.

Increase Resolution upto 4 Times

Experience the ultimate transformation with Upscale.media, an AI-powered photo enhancer online free, offering seamless ways to enhance photo quality and increase image resolution by up to 4 times, elevating your visuals to a whole new level of excellence.

Get Rid Of JPEG Artifacts in a few seconds

When you edit and save your image multiple times, it becomes pixelated. The process is called artefacts, making your image look like it is of poor quality. Thanks to the powerful Upscale.media’s AI that aids in improving image quality.

How Can You Upscale Image Online With Upscale.media?

Upscale.media is an advanced AI-based online image upscaler that is easy to use and does the job quickly. Here’s how you can enhance your image quality online using Upscale.media:

Upload The Image – Download the Upscale.media app from AppStore or PlayStore, or go to the website and upload the image you wish to upscale the quality of by clicking on the Upload Image option. You can enhance the image quality online for free from a JPG, JPEG, PNG, or WebP image.
Wait For A Few Seconds – As and when your image gets uploaded, the AI starts working on increasing the image resolution. It might take up a few seconds.
Pick The Image Resolution – As and when the processing of your image is done, you will see two options for the digital upscaling of your image. The options include: AI upscaling to 4X and Normal upscaling to 2X.
Save The Image - Now that you have your upscaled and enhanced image, click Download to save the image.
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