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Frequently asked questions

Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

What are Credits?

Our services are measured in the unit of credits. Credit is the unit for usage consumption in the form of any transformation that you perform using our platform. It can have different values for different services. For example, a single transformation consumes 1 credit, whereas a Basic transformation consumes just 0.003 credits.

Is Free?

Yes. Transforming individual images via is free of cost. You can transform unlimited images manually using However, to automate the entire process, is a much more convenient tool to integrate within your system. Explore our offerings here or contact our experts at

How to upscale multiple images at the same time? provides image enhancements to one image at a time. With a free plan, you can avail of a one-time 45 credit limit to transform images, wherein you can apply transformations or a combination of other basic transformations along with it. Using, you can upload and transform bulk images in one go.

Can save files in a lossless format like PNG?

Yes. You'll get the result in PNG format if you upload a PNG file for upscale transformation. However, if you want to transform a JPEG file, you will get the result in JPEG format. Later, you can convert the image or remove artifacts from your image using

What if I don’t get satisfactory results? by is designed exclusively for our users and meets their watermark removal demands. The platform works on AI-backed strategies, where you would get satisfactory results. In some cases where you are not satisfied with the results, you can personally reach out to us, and we will do our best to resolve your queries. Do share your experience or feedback on using at

Is it mandatory to use all my credits in a month?

The unused credits expire at the end of the month. For example, if you’re using a Basic Plan with 1200 monthly credits costing $89 per month. If you consume only 1000/1200 credits by the end of your monthly billing cycle, then the remaining unused 200 credits will expire automatically.

What if I exceed my credit limit?

If you exceed the monthly credits in your PixelBin invoice, you will incur overages per credit. Additional usage allowed over your monthly credits is charged at $0.4, and storage is charged at $0.4/GB. This charge is assessed month-by-month and gets added to your invoice.

What is the cost of additional usage over my monthly credits?

Additional usage allowed over your monthly credits is charged at $0.4, and storage is charged at $0.4/GB. This charge is assessed month-by-month and gets added to your invoice.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your paid subscription at any time. Your paid plan stays until the next billing date, and later your account switches to the free plan.

What if I exceed my total transformations?

If you are on the Starter ($29/month) plan and have consumed 1250 image transformations for the month.

Your bill will be calculated as follows: transformations included in Basic plan = 1200
Additional usage = 1250 - 1200 = 50 transformations
1 credit = 1 transformation
Additional credit units= 50 / 1 = 50 credits
Additional cost = 50 credits x $0.4/credit = $20