vs Lens: Which is the Better Image Upscaler?

In this post, we compare the image enhancing capabilities of and Lens. While both tools can improve the quality of images, we explore the differences in their features and performance.

Nowadays, everyone uses social media, and it's all about images. Posting low-resolution photos will leave a wrong impression of your blog or brand.  Images have the power to speak and convey a message. Nowadays, no one prefers to read long cheesy captions but graphics and images catch everyone's attention. 

So many tools are available in the market to improve your image quality and increase the image's resolution. Out of all, and Lens are working great. Both are unique and work well as per their features. But to know, which one is better? Keep reading.

How does help deliver High Quality images for Businesses?

Often, you will come across a low-quality picture even after using a DSLR camera. It can also happen that you only have low-resolution pictures of your kitty, and you must make it work for your business.

This is where the need for image upscaling arises. Businesses often use software like Canva and Photoshop or hire professional graphic designers to enhance the quality of their images. However, these can make the whole image optimisation expensive and time-consuming. But, with our powerful image upscale App, you can enhance your photos to 4X resolution in just a few seconds. is a highly powerful and lightweight Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered upscaling image App that enables you to convert low-resolution images into HD photos within seconds. Its popular features include:

  • Upscale low-quality or compressed photos by up to 400% (4X).
  • This AI-driven App quickly completes the upscaling process without compromising the image’s original quality.
  • People of different professions can use this free App to convert low-resolution images into high-quality images with a single click a real estate agent, an artist, a real estate photographer, or an e-commerce business owner. 
  • It removes the JPEG artifacts by reversing the compression to smooth the edges and bring them closer to the original photo. 
  • You can download upscale images in JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WEBP formats. 
  • You can easily download Upscale.Media Apps on Android / iOS smartphones or visit its website to enhance your photos. 
  • E-commerce owners can enhance the quality of product images without losing minor product details and capture buyers’ attention to boost sales. 
  • You can also upscale the quality of illustrations and posters to achieve great printing results.
  • You can get high-resolution real estate images that show every nook and corner of the property with sharp details like property location, locality, size & more. 

How to Upscale your images with 

For marketing and growing your brand, good images are the key. They not only convey the message but grab users' attention. The users pay attention to your product or service and then later use it. But your marketing tactics are a big failure if you don't have high-quality images.

To do the marketing effectively, using high-quality images is a must. Not all brands and people can afford high-quality photography as it's heavy on the pocket; here, upscaling photos become a saviour. There are many ways to upscale or enlarge your small-sized image with easy-to-use tools. Out of all, works well on Android and iPhone. 


With its unique features and AI technology, stands out. This app which is powered by Artificial intelligence is easy to use. With the help of neural networks, you can easily upscale images to remove blur and improve quality. This app doesn't make your pictures less pixelated or blurred, just like other manual-based tools can easily enlarge and improve your image quality online in no time. You don't need any training or guidance to use the app. You can access the app on Android and iOS and use its website too. Without any hassle, you can increase the resolution of any low-quality image upto four times. 

Features of is one of the most popular upscalers for Android and iOS. Here are a few features that make it unique. Let's look. 

Automatic Image enhancement

As technology progresses, the camera of the smartphone is developing too. Since smartphone cameras are getting better, the use of editing apps has decreased. But using upscaling tools for low-quality and small-size images is a must. Out of all, is one of the best apps. 

Because of AI technology, this app stands out among other options. With its ai feature, image enhancement occurs automatically. The app automatically increases the image resolution and sets the details using innovative AI technology.

Your part is simple: open the app, upload the image, and do your job. Within a few seconds, you will get your photograph done.

Increase image resolution upto 4X

Since is different from other upscalers, so with app, you can increase the resolution upto four times easily, unlike others. Here are a few reasons why 4X resolution is better than 2× resolution; keep reading. 

Using 4X resolution, the images will have less noise and artefacts, and the overall process will be smooth. You can upscale the image more precisely with 4× resolution. With 4× resolution, you can easily upscale without affecting the details. 

Eliminate JPEG artefacts

When an image is saved in JPEG format, so jpeg artefacts appear on the image. These tiny dots appear due to compression, which makes the image blur. These dots don't matter to a few people, but it is a huge thing to some people. With, these grainy dots are removed within seconds.

Benefits of removing JPEG artefacts with Upscale. Media are:

  • It sharpens the image.
  • It makes your photo look appealing.
  • By removing artefacts, the vision becomes better.

Enhance image quality using AI technology. uses Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) for upscaling images without harming the quality. It works like a brain. They are adequately trained with extensive information, so they know all the types of images, including PNG, jpg, and so on.

Before the development of artificial intelligence technology, people used to enlarge the image by two times again and again and still get the blur and unclear photos.  

‍From real estate owners to bloggers, for everyone's problem, is the ultimate solution. With just a few clicks, you can convert low-resolution images into high-resolution images, create a good impression on visitors, and gain popularity on social media platforms.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is all about taking and posting high-quality apartment and house images. With words, you cannot describe how the house looks, but highly upscaled images can do the job. 


With the help of images, brokers and agents can make more money and confirm the deal fast now. 

Print Media

As the digital industry progresses, the print media industry faces bad times. But it can become popular again with upscale image technology. With these few points, image upscale technology of can keep the print media industry on track; let's look.

The upscaling image technology can easily make the printed material appealing and attractive. Its upscale image technology can make printed material look more appealing and increase clarity, motivating people to turn into buyers.

When you enlarge the images, with the help of technology, you can add more content to a page; however, you can reduce the number of pages for publishing. You can raise the resolution of the image, photo, or poster to get better print results.


In this modern era, the e-commerce industry is gaining popularity. is improving image details and raising the image resolution upto 400 per cent by using the upscaling image tactic. 

Upscaled images are less pixelated and sharper as compared to low-quality images. Honestly, upscaled images make your business grow and gain popularity. It not only grabs users' attention but increases sales and revenue too.

How to Upscale images using app?, powered by artificial intelligence, makes upscaling images easier. You don't need any proper guidance and training to understand and use this app. You can quickly turn low-resolution images into high-resolution images upto 400 per cent in just the blink of an eye. 

Step 1 - If you use a laptop or computer, search Upscale.Media on search engines such as Google and open the website. Or else, if you have Android or iOS, go to the play store and download the app.

Step 2 - Once the site opens, you can download the image by clicking the upload image button. Either you can drag and drop your image or enter the URL of the picture.

Step 3 - Your uploaded image will be upscaled as per the AI algorithms. 

Step 4 - Now, you can download the image in two ways.

  • AI upscaling upto 4X
  • Normal upscaling

It's upto you; if you want to raise the resolution upto 400 per cent, click Upscale to 4×. Moreover, if you're going to balance the combination of sharpness and softness by keeping it simple, click on Enhance Quality option.

Step 5 - Now, you can download the image by pressing the Download Image option.

Lens app

The lens is a fantastic upscaler that is powered by Artificial intelligence. It doesn't need manual effort as it upscales images automatically. With AI technology, Lens was designed to quickly upscale images on iOS devices. Apart from upscaling, it offers different features such as photo editing and improving image quality by sharpening the image, removing unwanted things, and clearing the blur.  

There are so many tools out there on the internet. But the lens is mainly preferred as it is Artificial intelligence powered. Due to this, it doesn't require much effort, time, and money, making work easier for users. The main point is that it not only upscales the image but also maintains its quality.


The lens is the artificial intelligence-based image more upscale. It is not only the upscale image but edits too. Here are some features that make it different from other upscalers; let's look.

1. Make image quality better. 

Most of the images on social media are of low resolution. But, the lens app is a one-stop solution as it enlarges the app and adjusts the compression, making it perfect for social media. 

2. Renew old images 

If you have old pictures, you took long ago; now it's time to renew them with the Lens app and its fantastic ai technology. You can make it blur-free and give it a new touch. 

3. Upscale the image by maintaining the details

With this AI-based Lens app, you can quickly raise the resolution of the image upto four times. This way, you can upscale the small-sized image without destroying the quality and details.

4. Privacy

It makes sure about the privacy of the customers. The lens doesn't upload any images on the server for any reason. The lens will not upload your photo to any server for processing and analysing.

Why is Lens so Popular?

With time, the Lens app has gained popularity, and why not! It has incredible features, new AI technology, and extra editing tools. Most of the time, designers prefer to download the upscaled image online, so they opt for Lens to edit the image and improve quality.

It is not only beneficial for adults but students too. When you have blurry pictures on the blackboard due to the distance or poor light, use the lens app to make those blurry pictures clear. When you work in any company or organisation, you will have groups and a lot of media in the chat box.

Lots of screenshots and images consume storage, making the pictures unclear. But with the lens app, you can make those unclear images visible and smooth your work. It's not hidden from us that we all are involved in making memes and forwarding them in one way or another.

This tool will help you to make the images more. Appealing and drawing users' attention and focus. All the technology freaks; using the Lens app, you are updated with all the new and improved trends and chase them on time.


Here the article ends- out of all the upscalers available online for your images, is best! When the lens and are compared, becomes a better option due to its prominent features.

Learning Guide to Upscale Your Images

Upscale and enhance images resolution on the go with just a few clicks! Here is our curated selection of top file types for


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

What is

down is an AI-powered tool that can enhance images by upscaling them to 4X their original resolution.

How does enhance images?

down uses AI algorithms to analyze and enhance the details of an image, resulting in improved clarity and sharpness.

Can upscale images to 4X their original resolution?


Yes, can upscale images to 4X their original resolution, resulting in greater detail and clarity.

What is Lens and how does it differ from


Lens is also an image enhancement tool, but it uses a different set of algorithms and features compared to Lens may be better suited for certain types of images or specific editing needs.

Which tool is better for image enhancement, or Lens?


The choice between and Lens depends on your specific needs and the type of images you are working with. It's recommended to try both tools and see which one works better for your workflow.

Are there any limitations to using AI for image enhancement with or Lens?


While AI can significantly enhance images, there may be limitations to how much an image can be improved. Additionally, the quality of the final output may also depend on the quality of the original image. It's important to manage your expectations when using AI for image enhancement.


Remove Background for Free
Upscale Images For Free

You can upscale images of anything like objects, humans, or animals , and download them in any format for free.

Quick And Easy To Use
Quick And Easy To Use

With, you can easily remove the background of your images by using the Drag and Drop feature or click on “Upload.”

Remove Background From Any Platform
Upscale Images From Any Platform can be accessed on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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Can Be Used For Work And For Personal Use can be used for personal and professional use. Use tool for your collages, website projects, product photography, etc.

Highly Accurate AI
Highly Accurate AI has an AI that processes your image accurately and upscales the image automatically upto 4X.

Saves Time And Money
Saves Time And Money

You won’t have to spend extra money or time on the purchase of expensive software to enhance your images.


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