vs PhotoZoom Pro: Find out Which is Better

Whether you have a product photoshoot or running an e-commerce store, or publishing a blog post, uploading high-quality, smooth, and sharp images are essential. But some businesses look for Photoshop or hire a professional designer to do the task but have yet to do so. is an online image-enhancing tool that allows you to increase the resolutions of your low-quality images within seconds without hurting quality. Find out how to use it and why it is better than PhotoZoom Pro.

Being a website owner, blogger, or social media marketer, you know the importance of uploading classics and capturing and sharpening images online. Not only do they present your products in an appealing & pleasing manner, but they also attract visitors to navigate your website again. 

Also, search engines like Google prefer to present those brands to the searchers who have faster loading of pages and improve retention rates of visitors due to high-resolution & compressed images. 

Hence, publishing well-optimized, sleek, and high-resolution images are the most common determining factor towards getting increased traffic to your websites. It will help improve the leads & revenue for your business. 

On the other hand, poor and low-quality images reduce the readership as well as present an unprofessional reflection of your brand. Many people need to pay more attention to websites that display images of low quality. 

Here, image enhancement is a great idea to ensure the success of your brand and build trust among the visitors, as well as make them stop to navigate your website.

What is Image Enhancement?

Image enhancement or AI Upscaling is a process of increasing the resolution of poor-quality images and turning them into higher-quality ones to demonstrate an appealing and tempting look. 

In other words, it is about digitally manipulating a stored image using image-enhancing tools that work on image filters, image editors, and other properties of an image. Here, “high resolution” is not about resizing an image but improving its sharpness and clarity for the visitors without losing its original qualities.  

These digital images are adjusted so that the results are more suitable to display. Image enhancement ensures that the images are processed in the correct size to upload on the marketplace, depending on the dimensions and display settings you opt for. For example, you can remove noise, sharpen or brighten an image, and make it crystal-clear to present your products. 

Ways To Convert Low-Resolution Images Into Higher Ones

If you are getting blurry, pixelated, or distorted images on your brand, you are probably working with images that need to be set at a resolution to display clearly. It is crucial to optimise and compress according to the particular web portals.

Sharpening a digital image means getting rid of blur & other distractions as well as enhancing finer details to provide an appealing view. Sharpening or image enhancing requires expensive & technical tools that automate your tasks and provide you with quality results.

You probably need image-enhancing tools if you are also creating a website or taking pictures for your next product photo shoot. In this article, we share the best image-enhancing tools that avoid complexities for you and give you finer results. - The Best Image Upscaling Tool

Businesses often come across low-quality pictures and are required to make them high-quality. They often use software like Canva or Photoshop or even hire professional designers to perform the tasks.

But all these are time-taking, technical, and expensive ways; still, quality results aren’t guaranteed. But with a powerful image and more upscale tools like, image enhancing can be a time-saving and fun task. You can enhance your images by up to 4x. is a free, easy and lightweight Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered upscaling image tool that allows you to increase the resolutions of low-quality images and convert them into higher-resolution within seconds. 

With, anyone can improve the quality of their pictures regardless of whether they are a skilled photographer or have coding knowledge. You can download the app and process multiple images simultaneously without hurting their quality. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use to enlarge or enhance your images. 

Step 1 - As the very first step, download the app from the Play Store or App store for your android/iOS devices. If you have a laptop or desktop, you can go to the official website by typing “'' in your web browser.

Home Page of

Step 2 - Open the website and upload the image you want to enhance by clicking on the “+ Upload image” button. And if you want, you can insert the image by pasting its address. Simply click on the “URL” button.

2nd Step to Paste URL of Image

Step 3 - After uploading the image or pasting the address, the AI algorithms start processing the image. A message on the screen says, “Processing image. Please wait”. You need to wait for two to three seconds. The tool works faster on every image and gives instant results.

3rd Step to Processing Image

Step 4 - When the processing ends, you will see that the tool has provided you with two different versions of the processed images - Normal Upscaling up to 4X and AI Upscaling to 4X. Depending on your goals, you will get a 2x version of the image by default, but you can increase it up to 4x.

4th Step to Choose Resolution

Step 5 - Turn the Enhance Quality button On and Off. When the button is off, the images will automatically turn into HD ones. Still, if it is On, you can get the benefits in terms of artefacts, image sharpness, smoothness, and preserving the natural quality of the image.

5th Step to On Enhance Mode

Step 6 - After adjusting all the settings, if you are satisfied with the results, you can simply click the “Download image” button and store the images in your system.

Last and Final Step to Download image in High Resolution

Now, as you see, can effortlessly and effectively enhance or increase the resolutions of your low-quality images within seconds.

You don’t need to possess coding or Photoshop skills or need to hire any professional designer. Just download the app and improve the quality of your images anytime from anywhere. 

Benefits of Using is a great, easy, and time-effective AI-based image-enhancing tool that automates the task for you and provides instant results without hurting the image's original quality. You can use it anytime from anywhere.

Now, let’s look at some of the important benefits of using Take a look:

1. Automates Image Enhancement 

This is the first benefit of using no manual work is required to operate the app. The powerful app uses great AI algorithms to enhance image details and resolutions and processes your images within seconds. You don’t have to worry about the results. It retains the natural image details like light, colour, texture, etc.

2. Saves Money and Time

Another great thing about using an AI-based tool is that it improves the quality of your images without losing money. So, if you are looking for a free app to deliver quality images, is the solution. 

Additionally, it speeds up the editing process by automating tasks usually performed manually, like balancing sharpness, correcting the colours, adjusting the resolutions, etc. This allows you to avoid tedious tasks and focus on other aspects of your business. 

3. Quality & Accurate Results

Using can provide you with more precise & quality results than manual photo editors as it automates the editing process and enhances the image resolutions up to 4 times. This is because the app works on AI with the best algorithms to deliver quality results. 

4. It is Free to Use is free to use. Anyone can download the app free from the Play store or App store. You don’t need to pay or register for the app.

5. Removes JPEG Artifacts

Multiple & overly-compressed JPEG images often lead to pixelation and degradation. It is known as Artifacting, which damages the quality of your images and provides a distorted look. removes these JPEG artefacts and provides HD images with smooth edges. 

How is PhotoZoom Pro different from for enhancing photos?

PhotoZoom Pro by BenVista is another seamless software to increase the resolution of any image without losing image qualities. The technology uses the S-Spline program, a patented mathematical algorithm that can minimise the effects of zooming. These algorithms efficiently maintain the images' clarity, detail, and sharpness. 

Additionally, PhotoZoom Pro is available with several configuration profiles that provide different results depending on the type of image, such as soft photography, portrait, detailed graphics, text, etc. 

It works as a stand-alone application and a plug-in for various host programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, and Corel PaintShop Pro. Here are the steps on how to use PhotoZoom Pro. Take a look:

Step 1 - Install the PhotoZoom Pro software into your system and import the images you want to increase the resolutions. The images can be directly dragged to the preview box or added with the open button. By opening the image with PhotoZoom Pro, you can see all sorts of info about the image, like resolution, file size, and RGB formats.

Step 2 - The next thing you should do is to set the size of the resulting images. The software would automatically enlarge the image. You can see the preview of the image in the navigation box.

Step 3 - Now that you have set the desired height, width, and resolution of the image, choose a resizing method for resizing the picture. Although the S-Spline resizes method will be there by default, you can select resize methods such as S-Spline Max, Bicubic, Lanczos, and many more. Each preset has several options that you can tweak.

Note - Apart from these adjustments, you will also get a feature of batch processing mode where you can resize the image folders.

Now you see that PhotoZoom Pro is a time-taking and complex image-enhancing tool that is more suitable for the technical-savvy. Now let’s look at the difference between these two and try to find out which is better. 

What is the difference Between Upscale Media And PhotoZoom Pro?

Now that you have read about the features & usage of both image enhancement tools to convert low-resolution images into HD, you might be thinking about which is better or whom you should select from both. 

Here is a comparative guide on Upscale Media vs PhotoZoom Pro. Read carefully and pick one according to your preferences. Have a look:

1. Availability on the App Store

PhotoZoom Pro is online software you need to purchase online & install into your system with multi-processor support of 64-bit. You can use it as a plug-in within Adobe Photoshop. 

It is not available on the Play store. Plus, you must sign up and make an account to get your photos processed with PhotoZoom Pro. But on the other hand, is an online app that you can easily find on the Play store/App store and is also free to download. 

Plus, you don’t need to get yourself registered with the app to use. However, to buy its plan, registration is required. But in the free version, you can process up to 50 images per month. It is an ultimate option to use anytime from anywhere. Its paid plans include:

  • Starter ($29/month)
  • Basic ($89/month) and 
  • Premium ($299/month). 

2. Image Formats & File Size 

Using PhotoZoom Pro will allow you to conduct extreme enlargements of up to 1 million by 1 million pixels. Plus, it supports more image formats through an automation plug-in. 

While with can upload the images in various formats, including JPG, JPEG, PNG & WEBP, etc. Plus, you can upload images of resolutions up to 1500 x 1500 pixels or 25 MB. 

3. Technology Used

PhotoZoom Pro by BenVista works on S-Spline Max, an image resize technology that provides clean edges and sharpness while operates on AI (Artificial Intelligence) to process and enhance the quality of the images. Hence, it automates the task and provides quality results.

4. Type of User Interface

PhotoZoom Pro by BenVista comes with an overstuffed user interface and many tools for zooming in and changing the size of the images. Though it provides various options, it makes the process time-taking, tedious and complex for non-technical users.

So, any individual hesitates to use the software, and it limits the convenience of being used anytime from anywhere. While with, you get a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and operate. Plus, it comes with only the necessary options to choose from, eliminating the complications for first-time users. 

Which is Better - Or PhotoZoom Pro?

As you have read the key differences between these two, now you might understand which is better for you. Since PhotoZoom Pro is online software that you need to install and encounter lots of technical complexities and manual work while enhancing the images, which is also time-taking, it is a far better idea to go for can be simply downloaded from the Play store for free and can be used to process 50 images per month without any complexities. So, download the app now.

Summing Up

Now you know the importance of uploading and capturing well-compressed and optimised images for your brand. It helps retain customers as well as improve rankings in search engine results.

On the other hand, low-quality images can spoil your ranking and trust among the audience. So, don’t take the chance. Visit the official site of or download the app now.

Learning Guide to Upscale Your Images

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What are the best AI upscalers?


One of the best AI upscalers available is provides high-quality image upscaling using advanced AI algorithms. It's a reliable and efficient tool for upscaling images while maintaining quality and clarity.

Does upscaling improve picture quality?


Upscaling can improve picture quality to some extent by increasing the resolution. Still, it may not always significantly improve image quality, and the results may vary depending on the specific image and upscaling method used.

Which powerful AI increases image resolution without losing quality?

down is a powerful AI tool that can increase image resolution without losing quality, making it an effective solution for enhancing images while preserving their original details and clarity.

How do I upscale an image without losing quality?


To upscale an image without losing quality, you can use, which utilizes advanced AI algorithms to enhance the resolution of images while preserving their original details and sharpness, resulting in high-quality upscaled images.

What is 4K upscale?


4K upscale refers to increasing the resolution of an image or video from a lower resolution, such as 1080p, to a higher resolution of 4K (3840x2160 pixels), typically using AI-based upscaling techniques for improved image quality and clarity.

What is high-quality upscaling?


High-quality upscaling refers to increasing the resolution or size of an image or video while maintaining as much detail and visual fidelity as possible, resulting in a visually appealing and realistic output. This can be achieved using advanced upscaling algorithms, such as those employed in AI-based upscaling techniques like, which utilize machine learning to upscale images or videos with minimal loss of quality.


Remove Background for Free
Upscale Images For Free

You can upscale images of anything like objects, humans, or animals , and download them in any format for free.

Quick And Easy To Use
Quick And Easy To Use

With, you can easily remove the background of your images by using the Drag and Drop feature or click on “Upload.”

Remove Background From Any Platform
Upscale Images From Any Platform can be accessed on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Can Be Used For Work And For Personal Use
Can Be Used For Work And For Personal Use can be used for personal and professional use. Use tool for your collages, website projects, product photography, etc.

Highly Accurate AI
Highly Accurate AI has an AI that processes your image accurately and upscales the image automatically upto 4X.

Saves Time And Money
Saves Time And Money

You won’t have to spend extra money or time on the purchase of expensive software to enhance your images.


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