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Looking for an alternative to Check out our comprehensive list of the best Fotor alternatives to help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Photos have become an integral part of our daily lives. From capturing memorable moments to advertising products, photos significantly impact our perception of the world around us. With the rise of social media and smartphones, taking and sharing photos has become easier.

We use photos to document our experiences, express ourselves, and connect with others. Photos also have a powerful effect on our emotions, evoking memories and feelings long after the moment has passed. Editing photos has become an important aspect of photography and visual communication.

While some may argue that "raw" or unedited photos are more authentic, editing allows photographers to enhance their images' overall quality and impact. By adjusting elements such as exposure, contrast, and color, photographers can create a more visually appealing image that accurately represents their vision. 

Editing lets photographers remove distractions or unwanted elements from their photos, making the subject stand out more prominently. In addition to enhancing aesthetic appeal, photo editing can convey a specific mood or emotion through color grading and other techniques. 

For businesses and brands, editing photos is crucial for creating a professional and consistent visual identity that resonates with their audience. Ultimately, editing photos is about enhancing the message and impact of the image, whether it's for personal or professional use.

Home Page of is an online photo editing and graphic design platform that offers a wide range of features to enhance your photos and create visually appealing designs. With Fotor, you can edit your photos with basic tools like crop, resize, rotate, and adjust brightness and contrast, as well as advanced tools like curve adjustment and selective color.

Fotor also has a powerful graphic design feature that allows you to create beautiful designs for social media posts, posters, banners, and more. You can choose from various templates or start from scratch and add elements to create a unique design.

In addition, Fotor offers a variety of other features, including collage making, HDR photography, and RAW image conversion. Fotor is a web application or mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Fotor is a versatile and user-friendly platform perfect for amateur and professional photographers and designers. But it’s not the only option out there. Check out alternatives if you don’t want to rely on Fotor but still want to find an easy-to-use site to help you create great-looking photos.

Why do you need alternatives?

While is a great photo editing and design platform, there may be times when you need alternatives for various reasons. For example, you may need a more specialized tool for a specific task or feature that Fotor doesn't offer.

Alternatively, you may be looking for a more affordable option, as Fotor's pricing plans may not fit your budget. 

Additionally, you may simply want to try different platforms to compare features and find the one that best suits your needs. Whatever your reason, exploring alternatives can provide you with more options and help you find the best tool for your photo editing and design projects.

Top 10 Alternatives

Here are some of the best photo editing and design platforms that offer similar or even better features than Fotor.

1. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a photo editing site that helps you edit your images in minutes. You can use their free online editor or download the desktop app for quick and easy photo editing. PicMonkey has everything you need for editing your pictures, including filters, fonts, effects, and more. 

They offer over 15 million images from which to choose, making it easy to find the perfect image with their search engine. PicMonkey also offers various tutorials to learn how to use their great features!

2. iPiccy

iPiccy is a free, lightweight photo editor with fun and easy features. It's a great choice for quick edits but doesn't offer many advanced tools like other photo editing software. iPiccy has many simple and fun features, making it a great choice for quick edits. 

While it lacks some of the more advanced editing tools in more expensive programs like Photoshop, iPiccy offers plenty of filters and effects to play with. The interface is simple and accessible, making it easy for first-time Photoshop users to quickly figure out how everything works without needing an instruction manual or having someone there to guide them.

3. PicsArt

PicsArt is one of my favourite photo editing apps. It's user-friendly and has many cool features, like filters and effects, stickers, collages, drawing tools, and more. The one thing that you will love is it's free.

One thing that has always bothered me about PicsArt is the ads. You will get ads which are sometimes distracting when you're just trying to edit your photos or create artwork. PicsArt might be worth checking out if you're looking for something new.

4. Canva

Canva is a free, web-based graphic design and image editing tool. It offers a range of features very similar to those offered by Fotor. 

A benefit of Canva is its templates for designing social media graphics, making designing your posts much easier. It also has templates for presentations, infographics, business cards, brochures, etc. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free photo editor that doesn't require any downloads. It has all the basics, including cropping, rotating, color correction, and adding filters. The app also allows you to upload photos from your camera or phone and edit them on your computer. It's not as robust as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop CC, but it's still an excellent tool for basic editing.

If you're looking for something more advanced, try Pixlr Editor. You can do everything in this app that you can do in Adobe Photoshop Express and more layers, selective edits, and much more. It's a great choice if you want something with more features than what most mobile apps offer. 

6. Fotofuze

Fotofuze is a free photo editing software that can be downloaded for Windows or Mac. Unlike other photo editing sites, Fotofuze offers everything you need in one place. It has no watermark on your photos and doesn't require registration. 

In addition, it has all of the basic editing tools you would expect from a standard application, like cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, changing colors, and more!

7. piZap

piZap is a powerful photo editing and sharing the site with all of the features that make Fotor so popular. With piZap, you can edit your photos by adjusting exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, and more. Add text, shapes, stickers, and backgrounds to your photos.

You can share your photo with friends on social networks like Facebook or Twitter and even post it as a link on your blog or website. With piZap, you can also create and save albums for later use. You'll never be stuck for options with piZap because there are over 100 free background patterns for you to use in addition to their wide variety of stickers and shapes.

8. Photolemur

Photolemur is editing software that allows you to edit your photos with a few clicks of a mouse. Many have rated it as one of the best photo editing software available. However, Photolemur doesn't come for free; it requires a subscription.

Fortunately, other great photo editing sites and programs can help you create beautiful images without breaking your budget. Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing, but this program can be expensive.

More affordable alternatives, such as Lightroom, will give you most of the same tools at a fraction of the cost. You may also want to try Gimp, which has almost all the same tools and effects in Photoshop but does not have filters or plugins for advanced work like Photoshop does. 

If you're still looking for something cheaper, PicsArt may be right up your alley. The program has basic features that allow you to do common edits such as cropping and color adjustment while still being intuitive enough so someone unfamiliar with photo editors won't have trouble navigating.

9. Lumii

Lumii is a free mobile phone and tablet app that simplifies photo editing. It can be downloaded on iOS and Android and offers an intuitive interface with filters, frames, stickers, text, and drawing options.

Lumii also has a collage feature, making combining multiple photos into one easy-to-share image possible. With this site, you can create professional-looking designs without having any expensive or complicated software. 

The program includes many features, including drag-and-drop design elements, color overlays, fonts, backgrounds, borders, and more. The best of all is that everything on this website is completely free.

Another plus about using Lumii as your fotor alternative is the projects you can upload to your portfolio, which is something that for does not offer. 

10. BeFunky

BeFunky is one of those sites that has grown in popularity and should be one of your first stops searching for a new editing site. The site offers photo editing, collage-making, and graphics creation tools that are easy to use, with enough options to make your head spin. 

They have all the basics like cropping, rotating, and resizing a photo and more advanced features like effects and filters. Along with these tools, they offer over 100 stock images for you to choose from, making it easy for people who don't have their photos handy.

In addition, they offer many different templates that can help speed up your editing process if you're not looking for anything too fancy. In conclusion, if you want a no-hassle way to edit your pictures, head over to Lumii's website today.

Fotor has been one of the more popular and affordable photo editing sites on the internet in recent years, but what if you want to try out another site? Here’s a list of ten Fotor alternatives that offer almost everything that Fotor does at different price points and with varying levels of user experience. So if you’re ready to not fotor around anymore, try these sites!

Top  Reasons Visual Marketing is Crucial for Businesses

Visual marketing has become increasingly important to businesses in the 21st century, and it's easy to see why – one study found that over 90% of human communication is visual, meaning businesses need to communicate as effectively as possible through visuals to reach their audiences.

Luckily, there are several reasons why visual marketing should be part of every business's strategy; here are the top reasons why it’s necessary for any company looking to succeed in today’s market. 

1) People remember visuals more than text

Visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text. This means visuals are more powerful at capturing attention and engaging with the audience. A recent study found that people remember visuals better than text.

So if your business relies on people remembering or paying attention to your message, you need visual marketing to win over customers today! A final reason visual marketing is crucial for businesses: images get shared 2x as much as text. 

2) Good visuals can increase web traffic by 94%

Studies show that visuals can increase web traffic by up to 94%. But visuals are more than just a way to attract viewers. Photos and videos tell your story in a way words cannot.

When you have good visuals, you tell the world what your company stands for and what they should expect from you. You want people to know how innovative and creative you are. You want them to be able to imagine themselves working with you or taking part in one of your events.

3) Visuals make complex information easier to understand

Visual marketing not only makes complex information more accessible and easier to understand, but it also helps your business stand out among the competition. With visual content, you can make your company more marketable, provide better customer service, and engage your audience. 

Visuals Make Complex Information Easier to Understand. Visuals can do the job for you if you want to make a point but don't know how to articulate it in words. When people look at an image, they can process complex information faster than they would if they were reading text or listening to someone speak about that topic.

Images are also more memorable than text or audio because pictures take up so much of our brain's working memory.

5) People are more likely to buy a product after seeing it in a photo

A study by researchers found that people are more likely to buy a product after seeing it in a photo. In addition, they found that people were more likely to remember and recall the product if they had seen it in person than if they had only seen it in a photo. 

In other words, visual marketing can help you promote your products better by using images and videos of your products instead of just text descriptions. This strategy can also help you sell more products through social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, where visuals are essential to getting people's attention. is a comprehensive online image upscaling tool allowing users to enlarge low-resolution images easily. It is designed to improve the quality of your images without losing detail or sharpness.

Whether you are a professional photographer or a casual user, can help you improve your image quality and get the most out of your pictures. One of the standout features of is its ability to upscale images without any visible loss in quality.

It supports various file formats such as JPEG, JPG, PNG and WEBP. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze the image and add new pixels to increase the resolution, resulting in a sharper and more detailed image. 

How to use

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use

Step 1 - Open your web browser and go to

Home Page of

Step 2 - Click the "Upload Image" button to choose the image you want to upscale. You can also drag and drop the file directly.

2nd Step to Upload image

Step 3 - Once your image is uploaded, by default, the image will be upscaled in 2x.

3rd Step to ready to Download

Step 4 - Next, you can select Upscaling upto 4x and also enhance the quality of the image  by clicking on the ‘Enhance Quality’ button.

4th Step on Enhance Quality

Step 5 - Once done, click ‘Download Image’ to download the image.

Last Step to Download image in high Size

That's it! Using is simple and can help you easily improve the quality of your low-resolution images.


If you're looking for editing software with a bit more power than Fotor, consider using either Photoshop or Lightroom. They might not be as user-friendly as some of the other options out there, but they'll certainly get the job done with much more finesse.

One of these programs will make it much easier to work on your photos in layers and apply filters selectively, and if you want to enhance image quality, then is the best option.

Learning Guide to Upscale Your Images

Upscale and enhance images resolution on the go with just a few clicks! Here is our curated selection of top file types for


Here, we have listed some of the commonly asked questions from the community. If you do not find the information you need, feel free to reach out to us at

What is


Upscale. media is a photo editing app that allows you to edit your photos to look like a professional photographer took them with just the tap of your finger! It's easy and fun to use, and it can make your photos look much better than they would without any editing.

What images are supported?


JPEG, JPG, PNG, and WEBP are all formats supported by Upscale. media. This means you can upload any type of picture to the site, which will be enhanced for printing on high-end photo paper or canvas.

The service also supports a wide range of sizes and aspect ratios so you don't have to worry about cropping or resizing your photos before uploading them onto the site.

What is better than Fotor?


Canva and BeFunky are popular image editing tools with unique features and strengths that make them popular among users. Ultimately, the choice between Canva, BeFunky, and Fotor will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It's best to try out each tool and see which suits your needs best.

Is there a free version of Fotor?


No, there is no completely free version of Fotor. While Fotor offers a free trial version, users must subscribe to a paid plan to access all the features and functions.

What are some popular alternatives to


Some popular alternatives to include Canva, BeFunky, PicMonkey, and Adobe Photoshop Express.

Is Canva suitable for professional design work?


Yes, Canva is a popular tool for professional graphic design work. It offers a wide range of design templates, features, and functions to help users create high-quality designs for various purposes.


Remove Background for Free
Upscale Images For Free

You can upscale images of anything like objects, humans, or animals , and download them in any format for free.

Quick And Easy To Use
Quick And Easy To Use

With, you can easily remove the background of your images by using the Drag and Drop feature or click on “Upload.”

Remove Background From Any Platform
Upscale Images From Any Platform can be accessed on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Can Be Used For Work And For Personal Use
Can Be Used For Work And For Personal Use can be used for personal and professional use. Use tool for your collages, website projects, product photography, etc.

Highly Accurate AI
Highly Accurate AI has an AI that processes your image accurately and upscales the image automatically upto 4X.

Saves Time And Money
Saves Time And Money

You won’t have to spend extra money or time on the purchase of expensive software to enhance your images.


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