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Resizing an image is not a big deal. But the enlarged image is not like eating a slice of cake. As per the thumb rule, you can make it smaller. But when you want to make it bigger, here the problem arises.

When you resize the image, it is just that some pixels are subtracted, but when you enlarge the photo, the case is different. There are high chances that image quality can be affected. There are so many tools that can help you to enlarge your image. Let's have a look.

This tool is about upscaling and enhancing photos in just a few clicks. It can increase the image resolution up to 400%. If you have some low-quality images, increasing their resolution is a good idea. can increase the image's resolution without harming its quality.  

After editing, you save an image in JPEG many times so that the image will pixelate. It is known as Artifacting. This photo is fuzzy. When you edit and save a JPEG image multiple times, it leads to pixelation and degradation.

This process is called Artifacting, and it makes images look fuzzy. helps to compress the edges to make them look smooth. tool is fantastic in making your photo flawless. It maintains not only the image's sharpness but also a softness to give it a natural touch. 

It doesn't matter if you are a photographer or business owner; if you are linked with photographs in some way or other than is helpful. Convert your low-quality images into high-quality ones with a single click, no time. 

Here are a few steps to upscale the photo on

Step 1 - Go to the website of

Home Page of

Step 2 - Upload the image. 

2nd Step to Upload the image

Step 3 - Choose the on or off button for image enhancement. 

3rd Step to image enhancement

Step 4 - Then, set the resolution from the given options, such as 2x, and 4x. 

4th Step to Set resoulution

Step 5 - After that, press the download button. 

5th Step appers download button

Step 6 - Wait for the image to be enlarged. 

Step 7 - Once the image is ready, download it.

last and Final Step to Download image with High Resoulution


Home Screen of Photoshop

By enlarging the image, you can lose its quality. But without damaging the picture quality, you can enlarge the photo in Photoshop. No doubt, it's a bit costly software, but investing in it is excellent if you are a graphic designer. 

There is a feature named Preserve Details, which is excellent as it will help you enlarge the picture without damaging the quality and help save the image. Here are the steps to use Preserve Details in Photoshop.

Step 1 - Open the image you want to make bigger.

Step 2 - Check if the feature is working. After that, go to Preferences, then go to Technology Previews.

Step 3 - Check that Preserve Details 2.0 Upscale is on, then click OK.

Step 4 - Go back to your picture and go to image size. 

Step 5 - Set the image's dimensions in the pop-up. Don't click ok at the moment. 

Step 6 - You can see next to Resample; there is an option Preserve Details 2.0; click on it. 

Step 7 - Look at the picture in the preview and see the results.


Home Page of BeFunky

BeFunky is a great online software. You can access it from a computer or mobile, and you don't have to download the software. BeFunky has impressive features, from resizing to so many, which makes it a helpful tool for everyone.

The best thing is that it's free. Here are easy steps to make an image bigger without losing quality; let's look. 

Step 1 - First, drag your picture on the software. 

Step 2 - Then select the Resize option from the left side menu. 

Step 4 - You can enlarge the picture by increasing the pixels or percentages. 

Step 5 - After that, click on apply. 

BeFunky software doesn't have different ways to enlarge the image. It only has a standard method, but it has incredible results. It also allows for the enlargement of multiple images at the same time. On top of everything, the interface is excellent and easy to use, giving the users a smooth experience.


Home Page of UpscalePics

Another tool for enlarging images is UpscalePics. The main aim is to enlarge the pictures without damaging the quality. It's not editing software with this option; instead, it is strictly resizing software.

Keep one thing in mind, it's a resizing tool rather than an editing tool. This app is entirely online, so you have to upload the image, press a few buttons then the process is done. Here are a few steps to enlarge the picture on UpscalePics:

Step 1 - Drag your favourite image and drop it on the website. You can also drag and drop multiple images at a time. 

Step 2 - You can opt for a resolution between x2 and x8. Even you can choose your desired pixel dimensions.

Step 3 - Choose JPG or PNG and click on the option Start Processing.

Step 4 - The processing might take some time, so wait a while. 

But the bad thing is that it's not a free tool, which means you have to pay for it. It will charge you around $5 monthly to remove the watermark from the images. You can test the tool with a watermark to see the results.

Setting Photos Up for Success

Honestly large sized photos always look great. But when you enlarge the photo a lot from its actual size, the chances of losing the quality are at the peak. Instead of losing the resolution or damaging the quality of the image, here are a few simple tips to follow for success; let's have a look. 

Use Your Digital Camera When It Counts In the past five years, you purchased a digital camera, so don't worry, as you will get crisp yet high-quality images compared to the smartphone. 

But do some homework, and check whether the smartphone has a high-megapixel lens or a digital camera. Don't forget to use only that camera for taking photos for better display later on shots you can put on display later on.

Shoot Using the Largest Size Possible

It's outstanding when you are shooting raw and honest. But when shopping in JPEG, you must set the camera on high-quality settings. Possible quality settings. The better the quality of the jpeg, the larger you can print the picture without affecting the quality.  

Eliminate "Digital Noise" When Shooting

When you are shooting, keep ISO low to eliminate any noise or grain in photos. Getting high-quality images at low ISO reduces the speed of the shutter for better exposure. Make sure that your camera doesn't shake much. Why do Images Lose Quality When Enlarged?

Almost every website has a bitmap image format! Jpeg and PNG files are considered bitmap image files. The Bitmap image has millions of pixels, and you can even look at them by zooming in. thousands of pixels. Every pixel is placed and mapped on a fixed spot on the image called a bitmap. 

For resizing the image, this editing software either shrinks or enlarges the pixels of the images. That's why you resize the image to make it smaller so the quality will not lose, even if there is more visibility. When you use WordPress to resize the image to make it large, you will have enlarged pixels that make the image more blurry. 

The simple tactic is to compensate for every enlarged pixel to match the property near it; it's known as Fractal Interpolation. With the help of Fractal Interpolation, you will get better results when you enlarge the image.

How to Resize an Image Without Losing Quality

Making the image small is not a hectic task but enlarging it is an issue, undoubtedly. Honestly, reducing image size or dimensions doesn't affect the image quality but enlarging it more than the actual dimension can give you a tough time. 

The image is displayed at its natural size, smaller and more significant. The small image will be crisp and focused, while a large image will be blurry and pixelated. When it's about enlarging the image, don't increase image size despite starting with an image with a higher resolution. After that, crop and scale down the image to maintain the quality. 

Then, crop your image or scale it down to preserve its quality. This only works with bitmap images such as jpeg. Vector files such as EPS or SVG can be made small or large without harming the image's quality. Vector images are all about graphics and effects, while bitmap files are all about photos.


Resizing images is essential either for commercial work or adding in some forms. However, making an image smaller is not a hectic task, but enlarging it can give you a tough time as it can lose quality. But with our tested and tried tools, you can easily enlarge the photos without losing their quality.


How to increase size of image without losing quality online?

You can increase the size of an image without losing quality online using This AI-powered tool upscales your images while maintaining their detail and overall quality. Just upload your image to the platform, and the AI will process it to increase the resolution, resulting in a high-quality, high-resolution image.

Is there a free AI upscaler?

Yes, is a free AI upscaler. This platform uses AI technology to enhance your images' resolution and overall quality. It provides a user-friendly solution for upscaling images without needing specialized software or knowledge, and it offers a free tier for users.

Can we convert low-quality images to high-quality online?

You can convert low-quality images to high-quality online using This tool uses advanced AI technology to enhance your images' resolution and overall quality. Simply upload your low-quality image to the platform, and the AI will process it, producing a high-quality, high-resolution result.

How to upscale an image without losing quality?

To upscale an image without losing quality using, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the website.

Step 2: Upload the image you want to upscale.

Step 3: The AI tool will automatically process and enhance your image, improving its resolution and clarity.

Step 4: You can adjust the enhancement settings according to your preference. This feature allows you to control the level of enhancement applied to your image.

Step 5: Once satisfied with the preview, download your high-resolution, upscaled image.

These steps ensure you can upscale your images without losing quality, giving you control over the enhancement level.

How to upscale png without losing quality?

To upscale a PNG image without losing quality use, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the website.

Step 2: Upload the PNG image that you want to upscale.

Step 3: The AI tool will automatically process your image, improving its resolution and overall quality.

Step 4: You can adjust the enhancement settings according to your preference.

Step 5: Once the tool finishes processing your image, download your enhanced, high-resolution PNG image. maintains the quality of your image, even when it's upscaled, so you don't have to worry about losing quality in your PNG images.

How do I make a blurry picture HD?

To make a blurry picture HD, you can use This tool uses AI to intelligently enhance the resolution and quality of your image. Just upload your blurry picture to the platform, and the AI will automatically process and enhance it, turning it into a high-definition image. It's an effective way to improve the clarity of your pictures.

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