What is Image Optimization, and why is it necessary?

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If you have ever visited an eCommerce website to buy shoes, clothing & other stuff, you must have noticed that on some websites, the product images take much more time to upload, even if the internet network is quite strong. Or, if you visit a real estate website to check a house/property, you may notice that their pics are grainy, gloomy, and poor quality, and the web pages take forever to open. Would you consider revisiting these websites or purchasing anything from them? Obviously, not! as research has proved that it takes about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for users to form an impression about your website and determine whether they would stay on it or leave.

Images play an integral role for every brand operating a social media page or a website — be it e-commerce, real estate, travel, or media websites. You can boost user engagement and interest by adding attractive, high-quality product images. However, images come with their share of challenges. They are often unclear and heavy in size, which can slow down the page speed of a website, increase its bounce rate and ruin the overall browsing experience of the brand website. Plus, such images take a lot of time to show up, testing users' patience.

So, how can you use HD-quality images on your website without slowing it down? By optimizing the images. This blog post will discuss what image optimization means, its importance for website owners, and how Upscale.media can help optimize your images for professional or personal needs. 

What is image optimization?

Image optimization means creating and delivering high-quality images and ensuring they are of the correct format, size, dimensions, resolution, and pixel ratio.

Why is image optimization necessary?

Well-optimized images are invaluable for any business. Some of the incredible benefits of image optimization are:

1. Improved page speed

Page speed is the amount of time a web page takes to load completely. It depends on multiple factors, including website layout, hosting provider, images, design, etc. The ideal page speed loved by website users is less than 2 seconds. So, if you optimize almost 63% of the website’s elements, i.e., images, you will significantly improve your website loading speed. 

Optimized images are lightweight, load quickly, and are faster to download. Hence, they strive to provide a speedier viewing experience to your website visitors. This is especially true for e-commerce business owners and realtors who have hundreds and thousands of product and property images on their websites.

2. Improved SEO rankings

Everyone wants to see their website on top of the search rankings. This is where image optimization can prove highly beneficial for the concerned brand. 

Search engines, such as Google, consider page load time an essential factor in ranking a website. Hence, the more optimized images on your website, the faster it will load and rank better. But if pictures are left unoptimized, it can slow down your web pages, ultimately impacting the website’s search engine rankings. 

3. Enhanced user experience

If you have ever shopped from Amazon and Walmart apps, you must’ve noticed that their product images are clear, crisp, and bright. Plus, they show up in no time. Having optimized images on your website is a sure-shot way to boost page load speed, allow users to access your pages quickly, and enhance user experience (UX). If your website takes more than 2 seconds to load on all devices, visitors will immediately leave it and go to your competitor’s website with a better UX, making you lose potential customers, sales, and revenue.

Therefore, it’s always best to optimize all your images successfully and take care of other things (such as design, layout, and hosting) to offer an incredible experience to your users.

4. Increased conversions

According to research, 92.6% of people say that visual elements are the leading factor affecting their purchase decision. You could be getting thousands of website visitors every day. But, every additional second of page load time due to heavy images could mean hundreds of potential customers dropping off your site, which means poor conversions, especially for online businesses, e-commerce sites, and realtors.

Hence, by using high-quality images on your website, you can improve your website’s loading time, boost its search engine rankings, and attract more users who can possibly get you more conversions.

How can Upscale.media help optimize your images? 

Upscale.media is India’s fastest and most intuitive AI-powered image upscaler tool that enables you to enhance your low-resolution images and turn them into HD photos — within seconds. Its popular features include:

  • You can convert low-quality photos into high-quality ones by up to 400% (4X)
  • Different professionals can use this free App — be it the real estate agent, an artist, a real estate photographer, or an e-commerce business owner. 
  • It removes the JPEG artifacts by reversing the compression to smooth the edges and bring them closer to the original photo. 
  • It uses state-of-the-art AI technology to complete the upscaling process without losing the natural photo elements that might help the viewer form an opinion about your business. 
  • You can download images in JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WEBP format
  • You can easily download this App on your Android / iOS smartphones or visit its website to upscale your images.  

Wrap up

Optimizing your images isn’t something you should leave as a last resort to boost your website’s loading time and speed. It’s a must for every website owner to compress their images while maintaining their quality to satisfy their visitors as well as search engines. You can do this manually to achieve the desired results. But, this can come with a huge investment in professional graphic designers and a slow editing process.

With our AI-powered image upscaler Upscale.media, you can easily optimize your images by up to 400% (4X) within seconds for FREE. It can smoothly enhance your low-quality photos while maintaining natural details and delivering a perfect visual experience on your website. 


What is the importance of image Optimisation for SEO?

Image optimization for SEO is crucial as it enhances website loading speed, improving user experience and boosting your site's ranking in search engine results. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to incorporate keywords into image file names and alt text, further improving SEO performance.

Why do we optimize images for the Web?

We optimize images for the web primarily to improve page load speed and overall website performance. Optimized images are smaller in file size without significant quality loss, resulting in faster loading times. This enhances user experience and positively affects SEO ranking, as search engines favour websites that provide a faster, smoother user experience.

Which is one of the Optimisation factors to improve image?

One of the key optimization factors to improve an image is reducing its file size without compromising the visible quality. This can be achieved through various methods like image compression, using appropriate file formats, and, where possible, utilizing modern technologies like AI-based tools such as Upscale.media for enhancing image quality while maintaining a smaller file size.

How to optimize images for page speed?

To optimize images for page speed, you should reduce the file size using compression tools without losing too much quality. Additionally, consider using appropriate formats like JPEG for complex images with lots of colors and details or PNG for simpler images or when transparency is needed. Remember to leverage browser caching and a CDN for faster delivery of images.

What does it mean to optimize an image?

Optimizing an image means adjusting the file size, format, and resolution to suit the needs of a website while preserving its visual quality. This process improves webpage loading speed, enhances user experience, and contributes positively to SEO ranking, as search engines prioritize sites that load quickly and smoothly.

What is image optimization?

Image optimization involves modifying images to reduce their file size without sacrificing visual quality, enabling faster webpage loading times. It often includes techniques such as compression, resizing, and choosing the right format, which can improve website performance and improve SEO rankings.

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