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How to Upscale Photos for Instagram Using Image Upscaler

If you have been posting on Instagram for some time, you already know that the platform is all about content. Your followers are looking for stunning photos and videos to make their feed look great. You can achieve that by taking care of three main things:

  • The photo has to be of a high resolution.
  • Images need to be appealing in terms of colours and composition.
  • Images should be clear and attractive so they will reach your audience and check out your profile.

This article will focus on the first point, upscaling images for Instagram without losing quality and making sure they look great once posted online. Let's take a closer look at what is required when you upload pictures there, how you can upscale low-resolution photos using our Image Upscaler app and how to improve them even more before uploading them. Hence, they get as many likes as possible!

Why upscale images for Instagram?

A great photo has much to do with how the viewer perceives it. If you're looking to create quality photos for Instagram and want them to look like a professional photographer took them, you'll want to upscale your images for Instagram first.

Instagram is a mobile-only platform, and if you want your posts to be seen by the maximum number of users, it's essential to make sure that your photos are optimized for the small screen. That means making sure your image has a higher resolution so that it doesn't look blurry when scaled down to fit on Instagram.

Upscaling your photos helps make them look more professional and gives them a more polished feel than smaller photos would.

Use our image more upscale for Instagram.

This page will show you how to enhance images for Instagram using our AI-powered Upscale.Media application for Android and iPhone. 

  • Upload your image to app by using the Upload button or simply copy-paste the image in the interface. (You can also drag and drop your image into the box).

  • The application will automatically enhance the quality of the image to 4 times of the original quality. However, if you want further enhancement, you can use the options given in the app.

  • Use the enhance quality button to balance the image's sharpness and softness and preserve the photo's natural aspects. 

  • Download your new high-resolution version of your photo by clicking "Download" at the bottom of this page.

  • Now it is ready to use on Instagram!

If you need to upscale your low-resolution photos, you should definitely try out Image Upscaler online app like

The app works by using a combination of algorithms that are designed to help increase the resolution of images without losing any quality in the process.

It uses AI-powered algorithms that make it possible for users to upscale their images easily without worrying about posting low-quality photos taken from the mobile phone. You can post images on Instagram with confidence after upscaling them.

  • If you need to upscale your low-resolution photos, you should definitely try out Image Upscaler online tool like
  • It's free to use and available on both web and mobile.
  • You can upload photos from your computer, laptop or mobile device.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to upscale your photos, you can use Image Upscaler app like It takes just three steps: upload your photo, select the desired resolution, and click “Download Result”. 

The best part about the app is that you can use it from anywhere. You can download it on your mobile phone and use the app on the go. Now it is easy to get more followers on Instagram with Upscale.Media app.

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