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The quality of photographs captured by smartphones and other digital devices is continuously improving due to advancements in related technology. However, there is a limit beyond which additional resolution increases result in a decline in the image's overall quality. This blog will demonstrate how to accomplish this task online without compromising the image's quality.

Why is it Important to Change the Pixel Resolution of The jpeg Image?

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the value of high-resolution photographs for advertising purposes such as billboards, HD screens, internet marketing, and advertising campaigns.

Interested customers are overwhelmed with high-resolution photographs that vividly depict the product or service being offered for sale. Below you can read the benefits of changing the pixel resolution of the jpeg image.

1. Enhance out-of-focus images

When viewed on a computer, desktop, iPhone, or iPad, the image might appear fuzzy; nevertheless, the screen of your digital camera might give the appearance that the image is in focus when in reality, the image might appear blurry. When you repeat this to other people, they will tell you that they have had experiences similar to this in the past.

Because high-resolution photographs eliminate the pixelization that takes place at that degree of magnification, the image's subject matter can be viewed by its intended audience in all of its crystal clear and detailed splendour, regardless of how closely they zoom in on the image.

2. Get better-looking images on larger screens

Every photographer will eventually be forced to cope with this issue. The image quality produced by a high-end digital camera with a higher megapixel count suffers when viewed on monitors with a more excellent diagonal resolution.

We anticipate photographs of the highest quality, regardless of the screen size. Online editing tools like that upscale images are helpful for this purpose since they enhance the image quality even when viewed on a significantly larger screen.

3. Increase client interest

Yes! This is a fact that cannot be refuted. You can attract the utmost attention to your brand by utilizing images with a high resolution. Please credit the photographers who took these pictures if you intend to upload them to the social media accounts associated with your company.

If this is the situation, they can aid you in gaining internet notice from possible purchasers by replying favourably to the snapshot with thumbs up, good remarks, and happy faces.

Your content will be pushed to the top of the social media stream if it receives a large number of upvotes, where it will be viewed by a larger audience and may result in the conversion of that audience into paying customers.


If you place high-resolution photos on billboards and make sure they can be seen from as far away in the city as possible, you can ensure that your clients will remember your brand and products for a long time.

4. Boost sales for your business

It is general knowledge that photographs with a better resolution earn more cash than their counterparts with lower grades. It is the same in many different industries, including the market for real estate and online shopping.

A higher-resolution image enables viewers to discern more minute details and gives them a greater sense of assurance regarding the accuracy of their perceptions of the scene. Consequently, clients are more likely to spend money with your organization, ultimately increasing sales.

5. Stay ahead of the competition

Businesses operating in a wide variety of markets, such as e-commerce, real estate, restaurants, the jewelry industry, apparel manufacturing, and others, can gain a competitive advantage over their contemporaries by supplying customers with photographs of their products that are of exceptionally high quality and level of detail. This consequently results in a more significant number of views for each image.

Why Use to Improve Image Resolution? can make low-resolution images look significantly more detailed and precise than they initially did if you upload them to their website. A sophisticated artificial intelligence system is used by it so that the image can be magnified without suffering any degradation in quality.

Because of this, it is conducive for updating old photographs or improving the quality of photographs taken with a smartphone with a low resolution. The very efficient program was developed for just one purpose: to enhance the overall quality of your photographs. is a powerful media player with a relatively shallow learning curve and is accessible on iOS, Android, and Windows. Launching the program, inserting the picture, and then watching as the resolution of the image is improved is all that is required of you.'s Image Resolution Boosting Features:

1. Quickly improve image quality

Using a technique that utilizes artificial intelligence, the software can, with a simple button, upscale an image from lower quality to a version with a better resolution.

The technology eliminates the need for manual involvement from a person or the need to use confusing buttons while increasing the image resolution.

2. Remove JPEG artifacts

JPEG artifacts are something that is commonly seen in digital images. Do they appear as random, colorful patches or streaks across the image? People frequently mistake them for noise. This is because of the way they seem. JPEGs are prone to artifacts because the image file is compressed.

During the process of image compression, a computer can reduce the file size of an image by removing what it determines to be extraneous details. There could be blurring, streaking, and a reduction in the integrity of the colors.

Users of can remove JPEG artifacts from their images by pressing the "Enhance Quality" button, all while maintaining the subtlety, clarity, and other natural elements present in the original image.

3. Boost image resolution by 4X

Imagine for a moment that you could easily and rapidly quadruple the resolution of a photograph of the widely used Upscale. The media app, powered by artificial intelligence, makes it easy to instantly boost image resolution by selecting a personalized choice button (2X or 4X).

4. Professionals can use it in all fields

Suppose you are an artist, the owner of an online business, an independent photographer, or a real estate specialist. In that case, you can make a fantastic first impression by converting your low-quality photographs into high-quality images with only the click of a button.

Steps to Using to Remove JPEG Artifacts Quickly:

If you want to use by using its app, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Download from Google Play.

Home Page of Upscale media

Search for "Upscale." in the address bar of your browser to be transported directly to the app, or download the app from the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device, and it will take you there.

2. Upload an Image

2nd Step Upload an Image

After you have started the App, you will need to pick the button labelled "Upload Image" and then navigate to the location of the image you want to upscale.

The maximum dimension of an image that may be uploaded is 1500 by 1500 pixels, and the file formats that can be used are JPEG, JPG, PNG, and WEBP. Please be patient while the app processes the photo you just took. It needs a moment to do so.

3. Select AI upscaling option to 4X

3rdStep to Select AI upscaling option to 4X

You may significantly improve image quality by choosing the "upscaling" option and raising the value from the default of two. This will give you a factor of four improvements. As a consequence of this, you will be offered two different options for the image upscaling process:

A standard expansion by a factor of four (1932 x 1416).

Four-times-faster artificial intelligence (1932 x 1416)

4. Check the Enhance Quality button

4th Step to Check the Enhance Quality button

The next thing you need to do is toggle the "enhance quality" option, which can be "ON" or "OFF", depending on your preference. Low-quality photos are upgraded to high-quality versions when the feature is turned off.

However, when this option is activated, the resolution of the processed image can be improved by removing artifacts caused by the JPEG compression format and restoring the natural balance between sharpness and softness.

5. Download the image

Last and Final Step to Download the image with High Resolution

If the viewer enjoys the photo they are viewing, they can download it to their device (such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet) by clicking the Download Image button.


Sometimes, you may need to raise an image's resolution without sacrificing quality. This post detailed the advantages of using the free, high-quality, artificial intelligence-powered picture upscaling tool

Stop wasting time! To set yourself apart from the competition, download the software right now and use it to upscale and improve your photographs at no cost.


How do I change the pixel size of a JPEG?

To change the pixel size of a JPEG image, you can use an image editing software or online tool. Open the image in the software, go to the "Image" or "Resize" option, and then input the desired pixel dimensions (width and height) to resize the image accordingly. Finally, save the edited image to preserve the new pixel size.

How can I change the pixel resolution of a JPEG image?

You can change the pixel resolution of a JPEG image using various image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or online tools like Pixlr, or Simply open the image in your preferred tool, go to the "Image" or "Resize" option, input the desired pixel dimensions (width and height), and save the edited image.

How many pixels is a JPEG image?

2400x1600 is considered one of the best pixel sizes for JPEG images. This resolution balances image clarity and file size, making it ideal for various applications, including web use, social media, and printing needs.

How to change the image resolution?

You can use various image editing software or online tools to change the image resolution. One such option is, an AI image upscaler, which allows you to upscale images to higher resolutions. Simply upload the image to, select the desired upscale factor, and the AI algorithms will enhance the image, increasing its resolution and improving the visual quality.

How can I increase the resolution of an image without Photoshop?

You can increase the resolution of an image without using Photoshop by using AI image upscaling tools like With, simply upload your image, select the desired upscale factor, and the advanced AI algorithms will enhance the image's resolution, resulting in higher-quality visuals without needing Photoshop or manual editing.

How to improve jpg quality?

To improve JPG image quality, you can use AI image upscalers like By uploading your JPG image to, the advanced AI algorithms will enhance the resolution and visual quality, resulting in a higher-quality image with improved details and sharpness.

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