Image Enhancement - A Detail Guide to Boost Image Quality

Image Enhancement - A Detail Guide to Boost Image Quality

Photos are essential for online marketers, as visual content is more engaging than text. Good image quality can make or break a post - it can grab attention, boost engagement and even help get excellent conversions. Images play a significant role in how we represent ourselves to others, which is why it's essential to know how to enhance them so that they look their best.

But what if you have an average-quality photo? Is there anything you can do to improve it? Yes! This blog post will give tips on enhancing your images and making them look their best.

About AI Image enhancement

While artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, it has only recently begun to enter the mainstream. In particular, AI-powered image enhancement is becoming increasingly popular for personal and professional use.

With the ever-growing field of image processing, we can do more with images than ever. However, as artificial intelligence plays a more prominent role in image enhancement, it opens up new possibilities for altering and improving images. There are several reasons for this surge in popularity, but some of the most important are: 

Availability of powerful AI-enhanced photo editing tools there are many popular, influential and automatic AI-enhanced photo editing apps like that quickly transform a low-quality image into a high-quality one in seconds.

1. The proliferation of portable devices 

An increasing number of AI-powered app-compatible digital devices like smartphones, laptops, and iPad have helped users quickly transform the quality of the image on the go regardless of the location from any time, anywhere.

2. Improved Visual Quality 

An AI-powered image enhancement app automatically applies filters depending on the image's visual quality, improving the image's visual perception.

3. Reduced Bandwidth and Storage Requirements 

AI-powered apps are incredibly light and capture little space in any digital device like iOS, Google Play Store, or Windows.

4. Enhanced Security 

As AI becomes more mainstream, security is naturally a top concern. Numerous prominent companies are using AI in their apps and doing it securely by incorporating various layers of security. Here are some ways to make sure your AI-powered image upscale app is safe: 

1. Use an AI development platform that has built-in security features.

2. Ensure all your data is encrypted before storing or processing.

3. Train your AI models with high-quality data that has been scrubbed of personally identifiable information

5. Faster Time-to-Market

AI apps are designed to carry out the guesswork and automate time-consuming tasks such as creating user interfaces (UIs), gathering feedback during beta testing, and deploying marketing campaigns. 

6. Make changes in real-time.

App development teams can use AI services to design custom UIs for their target audiences, test how users interact with the app, and then make necessary changes in real time. Leveraging AI can help developers save time and money.

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Image optimization methods

Reduce the image size

Image size is a factor that affects ranking when it comes to SERP. This kind of information is often overlooked or considered unimportant by many. But this is not true because image size is very significant in rankings. You can get a higher ranking through search engine optimization if you have a good image size and size.

If the image size is over 100 kb, it is considered oversize. To optimize the image for the website, the image size has to be reduced below 100 kb, and if it is done correctly, then website speed is not impacted.

Use of Alt text

If you are not using Alt text, then you are giving a signal to the search engine that you are entirely unaware of the purpose of the image. So, every image in the website element must be defined by Alt text that describes the image – its name and description. For example, if the picture shows a white-coloured Buggati Veyron car, then the Alt text of the image should be – White Buggati Veyron sports car.

Naming the images while saving it

Naming the image is essential in optimizing it for smoother web performance. While naming them, it is suggested to use a descriptive name that includes the keyword or phrase for which the concerned online business website is trying to rank.

For example, if there is an image of Gucci men's perfume, the image must be named according to the type & class of perfume. If the perfume name is Gucci Guilty Eau De Parfum For Him, then it has to be saved by Gucci-Guilty-Eau-de-parfum.jpg rather than with a generic name like Gucci-parfum.jpg

Tweak the image dimensions

For example, reduce the image width from 3000 to 1200 pixels, reducing the file size. Try to keep the proportions to avoid distorting the image.

Reduce the resolution

Most compressing programs can automatically reduce the resolution to 72dpi or 92dpi. Most image editing programs can also use the "save for web" option.

Change the format

This will effectively compress the image, reducing its size. Keep in mind lossy and lossless types to avoid unnecessary image degradation.

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Applications of image enhancement for offline & online business

Image enhancement has excellent applications for offline business

  • Get more fabulous-looking images for print media like newspapers and magazines
  • Show product in greater detail on product catalogues, pamphlets, billboards
  • Image enhancement applications for online business
  • Embed better-looking images on the email and business website and attract organic traffic.
  • Use high-quality product images for eCommerce websites and get more excellent product views.
  • Attract customers interested in purchasing real estate images by listing property images on real estate websites.
  • Get more customers by using high-quality food photos for your restaurant business.
  • Get more followers by posting enhanced images on your social media account.


Image enhancement is a must-have tool for businesses in 2022 to boost image quality if you want to distinguish your business on online and offline channels. We have learned about AI image enhancement, image optimization methods, and image enhancement applications.

Let's put this information into practical use and benefit from it. is a popular AI-powered app that automatically enhances the image resolution to 4X. Download it now on the Google Play store and iOS store.

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