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When displaying products or services online, appealing & pleasing pictures say a thousand words. Everyone knows that images make everything look better & easy to read, especially when a particular business completely relies on customers.

Users always like to see attractive visuals over a massive block of text as they can relate better to an image than a long paragraph of words. Investing a significant amount of time in high-quality, crystal-clear JPEG photos can make a big difference for a potential buyer in choosing your company’s product over the prevailing competition.

High-resolution images deliver a professional approach to a brand and improve business sales. Search engines like Google or Yahoo prefer content with optimised photos, helping your site rank better among visitors. 

Fortunately, various online image upscaling tools can help you achieve high-resolution images within seconds. This article will discuss image upscaling and help you find the best tools to enhance JPEG images. Take a look:

What is Image Upscaling?

Image upscaling enlarges an image without making it look distorted or pixelated while retaining its overall quality. The ultimate purpose is to add necessary pixels and increase the resolutions of low-quality images by digitally manipulating them using a web-based image upscaling application or software.  

The tools used for image upscaling can remove distractions and JPEG artefacts as well as sharpen & brighten the images while maintaining their opacity, colour-balancing and other image properties. Remember, the more pixels are, the higher the image’s resolution. 

List of best JPEG Image Upscaling Tools 

Choosing the best JPEG image upscaling tool is required to achieve high-quality images without critical data loss. With the right image upscaling tool, individuals can improve image resolutions up to 2x, 4x, and 8x per their preferences.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the best JPEG image upscaling tools you can use and choose the best one accordingly.

Upscale.media - An AI-based Image Upscaling Tool

When it comes to upscaling or editing images, we often consider the most popular or common solutions, such as Photoshop or hiring professional designers. But they aren’t always worth it. Firstly, it is time-taking and requires some extent of technical knowledge. And secondly, this software is expensive and still the quality isn’t guaranteed. 

Here, Upscale.media can help you.

Upscale.media is an online easy, free, lightweight and AI-based JPEG image upscaling tool that lets you convert low-resolution images into higher ones within seconds with 100% quality retention capabilities. Just upload the image, and the AI algorithms of the tool will automatically enhance images up to 4x resolutions

Upscale.media app is free to download from the Google Play store/App store for your Android/iOS devices. 

How to use Upscale.media:

Step 1 - Firstly, download the app from the Play Store/App Store. Alternatively, you can visit the official “Upscale.media” site in your preferred web browser.

Firstly, download the app from the Play Store/App Store.

Step 2 - Click the “+ Upload Image” button and select the image from your system. The tool also allows you to paste the image address by clicking on the “URL” button or simply “Drag & Drop” the image. 

Click the “+ Upload Image” button and select the image from your system.

Step 3 - After uploading the image, wait 2 to 3 seconds. The AI algorithms automatically start processing the images and turn them into HD without manual editing. During the process, you will see a message that says, “Processing image; please wait”.

After uploading the image, wait 2 to 3 seconds

Step 4 - When the processing is completed, you can see the two versions of processed images: Normal Upscaling up to 4X and AI Upscaling to 4X. The tool provides HD images in 2x by default, but you can adjust it up to 4x at your convenience.

Normal Upscaling up to 4X and AI Upscaling to 4X

Step 5 - You can also manipulate the “Enhance Quality” button by turning it On or Off depending on your desired results. Keeping it Off will turn the image HD but turning it On will provide some advanced benefits in colour-balancing, texture, light, etc.

You can also manipulate the “Enhance Quality

Step 6 - Now, download the image and save it into your system. 

download the image and save it into your system

Now you know how easy, & time-effective this image-upscaling tool of Upscale.media. You can increase the resolutions of your low-quality images up to 4x without any complicated steps or technical skills like coding. Just download the app, and see the results within seconds.

Features of Upscale.media:

  • It supports 4x Image resolution.
  • No sign-up requirements for the free version. However, if you subscribe to its premium plan, you must sign-up.
  • Based on AI algorithms.
  • No manual work.
  • Easy to operate & user-friendly interface.
  • It provides up to 45 images per month for free to upscale.
  • It supports batch processing in premium plans.
  • It supports images up to the resolutions of 1500 x 1500 px and 25 MB in a range of image formats, including PNG, JPG, JPEG, WEBP, etc.
  • Removes JPEG Artifacts.
  • Faster & quality results etc.

Other JPEG Image Upscaling Tools

Here are some of the best JPEG image upscaling tools you can consider. Take a look:

1. ImageUpscaler

ImageUpscaler is an AI-based online image upscaling web-based tool that allows you to enhance photos up to 4x without making them blurry and preserving quality. It supports JPG, JPEG, and PNG file formats while the maximum image size is 5 MB & 1200 X 1200 pixels. Additionally, the processing time ranges from 10 to 60 seconds. 

It allows you to process up to 10 images each month for free. You can increase the limit in its paid versions. Due to its lengthy processing and limited free versions, it is used comparatively less.

2. UpscalePics

Home Page of UpscalePics

It is another AI-powered image upscaling tool that allows you to upscale and compress pictures in batches. You can upload JPG, JPEG PNG, and WebP file formats up to 4500 x 4500px. With UpscalePics, you can remove JPEG noise and enhance pictures up to 8x. 

But at the same time, it allows up to 5 images in its free version with watermarks, due to which users go for better choices. Also, beginners may need some clarification on its UI. Plus, the processing is relatively slow, which can disrupt the process.

3. StockPhotos Upscaler

Home Page of StockPhotos Upscaler

StockPhotos Upscaler is a web-based image upscaling tool that lets you resize & upscale images up to 8 times the quality of the original image. The service is based on AI technology which automates the task. JPG, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and BMP are the image file types supported by stock photos. And you can upload a maximum file size of 4 MB, 2000 pixels.

However, the only downside is that it can upscale your images up to 2x if you use it for free. To have 8x resolutions, you need to buy its subscription plans. Furthermore, the processing is prolonged in this image more upscale which sometimes may extend also. There are only three free upscales available for you.

4. Big JPG

Home Page of Big JPG

If you need to upscale low-resolution JPEG images, illustrations, or anime pictures, BigJPG is a popular choice. It is one of the most used anime image upscalers for processing images without losing quality.

It is free and keenly works on maintaining colours, details, and edges up to 4x resolutions. The maximum image size supported by this tool is 3000x3000px and 10MB. On the contrary, the processing speed may be slow and require a fast internet connection. Also, the results aren’t that impressive.

5. HitPaw Photo Enhancer

Home Page of HitPaw

HitPaw is a low-cost image upscaling tool based on AI that allows you to improve low-resolution images & old photos up to 4x & 8x. The UI is easy to use, letting you improve image quality with a single tap. With this, you can remove noise from images, reduce blurring, and sharpen colours.

It also supports batch processing, while the accepted file formats include JPG, JPEG, PNG, JIFF, and BMP. It automates the upscaling process due to powerful AI technology to enhance pictures. However, sometimes the photo upscaling process can take longer, and customer support may not respond immediately. 


Undoubtedly, low-quality images can lead to a poor brand impression. Whether designing an ecommerce website or publishing blogs, always try to provide high-quality, well-optimized & compressed images.

Upscale.media is a free, easy & AI-based image upscaling tool that turns low-quality images into HD within seconds with quality retention.


How can I upscale an image for free?

You can upscale an image for free using Upscale.media. This AI-powered tool allows you to upload an image and enhance its resolution and overall quality at no cost. It's a simple and effective solution for improving the quality of your images without needing specialized software or knowledge.

Is there a free AI to improve image quality?

Yes, there is a free AI tool to improve image quality, known as Upscale.media. This platform uses advanced AI technology to enhance your images' resolution and overall quality, making it an effective and cost-free solution for image upscaling.

Does AI image upscaling work?

Yes, AI image upscaling works effectively in enhancing the quality of images. Tools like Upscale.media use advanced machine learning algorithms to increase the resolution of images, adding detail and clarity that weren't present in the original. This technology is particularly useful for improving low-resolution images, transforming them into high-quality, high-resolution versions.

Is AI image enhancer safe?

Yes, using AI image enhancers like Upscale.media is safe. These platforms prioritize user safety and data privacy, ensuring your images are securely processed and not shared without your consent. Always check the privacy policies of such platforms to understand how your data is handled.

How to enhance jpeg image?

To enhance a JPEG image, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Upscale.media website.

Step 2: Upload the JPEG image that you want to enhance.

Step 3: Allow the AI to process and enhance your image, improving its resolution and clarity.

Step 4: Download the enhanced, high-resolution image.

Upscale.media uses AI technology to improve the quality of your JPEG images effectively.

How do I convert low quality image to high quality in AI?

Converting low-quality images to high-quality ones using AI is easy with Upscale.media. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the Upscale.media website.

Step 2: Upload the low-quality image you want to enhance.

Step 3: Adjust the enhancement level to suit your needs.

Step 4: Let the AI tool analyze and process your image, increasing its resolution and detail.

Step 5: Download the high-resolution, high-quality image.

Upscale.media uses advanced AI technology to enhance the quality of your images, making the process easy and effective.

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Sanjay Choudhury

Upscale.Media is a boon for businesses. The image enhancer helps me create stunning visuals for marketing materials, and the enlarged images look fantastic in our promotional campaigns.

Riya Khanna

This website is a gem for DIY enthusiasts like me. I used Upscale.Media to enhance photos for a home project, and the results were incredible. The details it brought out were beyond my expectations.

Aditya Kapoor

Upscale.Media is a must-have for anyone who values quality in their visuals. The image enhancer does wonders for my blog, making my content more visually appealing. It's a blogger's dream!

Every week, we send you one article that will help you stay informed about the latest AI developments in Business, Product, and Design