How to Upscale on an Android Phone? (In Few Clicks)

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Are you curious to know how to upscale images on Android? Upscaling images is essential to provide a more sophisticated, classy, and professional look to your existing low-quality images. It helps you further post them on social media platforms with the brand’s increased online reach & visibility among customers.

And it is pretty obvious!! Who would want to retain a website full of poor or blurred images? The main problem when you upscale the image is the loss of quality. But thankfully, there are a few sites and apps available online that can help you easily upscale the image and keep the quality high. 

People prefer to use smartphones and androids to upscale images as they are portable and handy. Only some like to carry a laptop with them. These online image-upscaling tools can help you upscale images on your phone within a few steps. Here is how to upscale the image on the phone. But first, know about the concept of image upscaling and its necessity.

What is Image Upscaling & Why is it Important?

If you have ever taken a low-resolution picture and tried to enlarge it, you mostly get a blurred image! Since low-resolution images have fewer pixels, and when you enlarge them, it gets stretched, and the picture starts looking distorted. 

Images have become a significant part of social media sales, marketing, and advertising. People prefer viewing the image rather than reading the text on websites. That's why you should always take focused photos, edit and optimize them, and post them on social media. 

Image upscaling is essential for the pictures. Upscaling helps make the images look better, & sharper by increasing their resolution without losing their original qualities. It lets you view the images on a high-resolution screen without getting distorted and printing a large size.

Image upscaling makes your images of high quality that you will feel taken from a high-resolution camera. It improves the image quality, which needs more clarity. These different upscaling tools help you increase the image's resolution and improve its quality within seconds. 

How to Resize Images on Android?

If you are looking for ways to improve the quality of your image on your android smartphones, then you are at the right place. Today, you can find various resizing apps on the Google play store. Depending on the Android version and device, the apps available on the Google store can vary. Some apps will work great on your device, while others will not.

The process of compressing an image is simple. Just choose the photo and select the resolution you want. In this article, we share a few image upscaling apps that can help you edit, resize or upscale your images on your android smartphone.

Best Apps to Resize Images on Android

Nowadays, everyone has an android phone, right? Then everyone will prefer to use the phone for upscaling images as it's easy to do and convenient. But finding good apps which will upscale the image without affecting the quality is difficult. Here are a few apps to upscale the images on the phone. 


1. - An online image upscaling tool for android & iOS

Home Page of is a faster, easy and lightweight Artificial-Intelligence (AI) based image enhancing tool that helps you upscale your images within seconds on Android and iOS devices. With, all you need to do is download the app on your android smartphone and upload the image into the app. 

You can save the upscaled images on your phone. The most favorable thing about using is that anyone can now upscale their images anytime from anywhere without having Photoshop or coding skills or hiring a professional designer. 

The tool is free to download for your android/iOS devices. It is the most popular AI-enabled image-enhancing tool that doesn’t spoil images' qualities and provides flawless results. Here is the step-by-step guide on using to enhance or upscale your images. Take a look:

Step 1 - Download the app from the Play store/App store for your preferred mobile device like android or iOS. You can simply access the official website by typing “” in your web browser. 

Home Page of

Step 2 - Click the “+ Upload button” and select the image you want to upscale from your phone. If you have the address of the image, simply paste it by clicking the “URL” button.

2nd Step to Paste image URL to Submit

Step 3 - Once you upload the image or paste the image address, you will see that the AI algorithms start processing the image. 

3rd Step to Processing Image

During the procedure, you can see a message that reads, “Processing image, please wait.”. It works faster and allows you to view the upscaled version of images within two to three seconds. 

Step 4 - As the processing ends, the app provides enhanced images in two different versions - Normal Upscaling up to 4X and AI Upscaling to 4X. However, you can increase it up to 4x and get pictures up to 400 times better.

4th Step to Click 4X and Enhance Quality

Step 5 - You can adjust the “Enhance Quality” button On/Off depending on your priorities. By keeping it Off, the images will automatically turn into HD. If it is On, you can access other benefits in terms of artifacts, sharpness, smoothness, and the natural quality of the image. 

You can adjust the “Enhance Quality” button On/Off

Step 6 - The next step is to download the image. For this, click on the “Download button”. 

Last and Final Step to Download image in High Quality

Now you know how much more convenient & easier it is to enhance images within seconds using It is a time-efficient, free, and result-oriented app that automates tasks and delivers high-quality instant results.

2. Shortpixel Photo Optimizer

Home Page of Shortpixel Photo Optimizer

Shortpixel image optimizer not only compresses the image but optimizes it too. There are a few compression methods, such as Lossy, Glossy, or Lossless, which you can choose from accordingly, and get other adjustable resizing options.

All you have to do is upload the images, adjust the compression requirements, and within a few seconds, you can simply download the image. Every image is a credit. You can sign up for a free account and get approximately 100 unpaid credits every month. 

3. Pixlr - Free Photo Editor

Home Page of Pixlr - Free Photo Editor

Why Pixlr is overhyped? It has many features and effects for sound editing. The free web-based photo editor includes stylish templates, colorful overlays, and collages. 

You can also get the standard photo adjustment tools. You can add different effects and text to enhance the beauty of your images or collages. However, the app has ads, but you can buy its subscriptions.

4. Photo & Picture Resizer

Home Page of Photo & Picture Resizer

The Photo & Picture Resizer app is good to go. This tool compresses images and allows you to share the image on any of your social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

This app is excellent for you if you want to compress your images without affecting their quality. It provides you with a resolution list by which you can handle the picture aspect ratio. No doubt, it's one of the best apps for resizing available phones. 

5. Image Size - Resizer

Home Page of Image Size - Resizer

Image size photo resizer permits you to upscale the images on your Android without hassle. You can choose output formats such as inches, centimeters, millimeters, or pixels. It also has features to save, email, or share the final download image version. 

6. Photo Compress 2.0

Home Page of Photo Compress 2.0

This app is all about compressing the photo into small sizes while maintaining the quality of the image. You can adjust the compression level from low to high. Choose a compression type, and see the difference between the original image and other versions.  

7. Resize me - Photo Resizer

Home Page of Resize me

This app allows you to customize and compress photos with a single touch. With this app, you can easily crop and rotate. 

8. Image Shrink - Batch Batch Resize

Home Page of Image Shrink

This app allows you to change the height and width of the image. Compressing the image will allow you to remove or keep the GPS and other data. 


9. Photo Tools: Compress, Resize

Home Page of Photo Tools

The photo Tools app has almost every essential feature with it! Apart from resizing the image,  it has fantastic tools such as crop, rotation, resizing, or converting the image into PNG, jpeg, and so on.

How do AI-Based Image Upscalers Help?

Images are made up of tiny boxes known as pixels. Pixels are tiny squares of different colors which form a picture. Usually, when you try to enlarge a small image in Photoshop, the pixels will increase in size, but the quantity will be exact. It is the reason that you end up having pixelated corners in images. 

This is the reason why you can sometimes enlarge the image and end up losing its quality. When the image is big so you can only enlarge it a little, it can look great on your social media, but it seems to flop on printing. 


To enlarge the image without harming the quality, AI-powered photo upscale will be a savior. You can get a high-quality enlarged image within a few seconds. You can view the upscaled image and choose the image parameters before downloading.


People prefer to use mobile applications to do any task while editing or upscaling photos. Why? Because it is portable, time-efficient, and easy to do. You can choose any of these enlisted apps to make the process of image upscaling easier and more efficient for you. For low-resolution images, upscaling is a must.


Does upscaling improve picture quality?

Yes, upscaling can significantly improve picture quality. Using advanced AI tools like, upscaling can increase the resolution of images, making them clearer and more detailed, and enhancing their overall quality.

Is there an app to improve picture quality?

Yes, there is an application to improve picture quality, and one of the best is It's a web-based tool that uses artificial intelligence to enhance and upscale images, improving their overall clarity and quality.

Which is the best Android image upscaler?

The best image upscaler for Android is This tool uses advanced AI algorithms to enhance and upscale images, resulting in superior picture quality.

How to upscale photo online?

Here are the steps to upscale a photo online using

Step 1: Visit the website.

Step 2: Click on the 'Upload Image' button to select the photo you want to upscale.

Step 3: The AI tool will automatically start enhancing and upscaling your photo.

Step 4: If you want, you can adjust the enhancement settings.

Step 5: Once the process is complete, download your upscaled photo.

It's a straightforward and user-friendly process that delivers high-quality results.

How to upscale image quality?

To upscale image quality, you can use a tool like This online platform uses AI technology to increase the resolution of your images, thereby enhancing their overall quality. Just upload your image to their platform and let the AI do the rest.

What is the best AI image upscaler?

The best AI image upscaler is This tool utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to significantly enhance and upscale images, providing users with superior image quality and resolution.

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