How to Upscale a Low-Resolution Image - Enhance Online

How to Upscale a Low-Resolution Image - Enhance Online

Upscaling a low-resolution image means enhancing the quality and resolution of the image. In more simple words, upscaling refers to making any blurry image clear. You often come across while watching any detective movie scene, like clearing the face of a criminal in a blurry photo. 

Why do You Need to Upscale your Photo?

Upscaling will increase the resolution of your photo. You may need to upload or print a specific image for some purpose. But a website or printer rejects your photo because its resolution is meagre. You may need to clear any blurry photos for personal or professional use; what will you do? Here, upscaling does wonders for you.

Resolution of an image:

 Before starting upscaling, you need to know the basics of resolution. Whenever resolution is referred it means to features of an image:

Pixel Density Pixels per inch or dots per inch are referred to as pixel density. Usually, images from better lenses have 72ppi. If your image has a pixel density of fewer than 72 ppi, it may fall into a low-resolution image category.

  1. Dimensions

The second important aspect related to resolution is its dimension. Dimensions of an image mean its length and width are measured in pixels. A good-resolution image has dimensions of about 3,024 pixels in length and 4,032 in width. So, it is essential to set the dimensions of an image.

Sometimes, the image may have the correct information, but it does not meet your requirements. In such cases, you need to upscale your image, and the matter will be resolved.

Suppose you are looking for an easy and fast way for high-quality photos. Photos that will increase your sales, enhance your products, and attract more clients. is the best choice for you. provides multiple AI-powered apps to help you achieve professional results. The software will solve all your image-related problems, like resizing, editing, upscaling, etc. This software is a miracle.

Reasons to choose

The quickest, most straightforward, and most helpful app available now for image enhancement and sizing using AI is It doesn't require any technical knowledge and can effortlessly resize and enhance photographs.

If you increase the resolution of your low-quality photographs with up to 4x, you get beautiful results. Following are some reasons to choose

1. Perfect Detailing's

Product photos are essential for online product sales but can be difficult to enhance. For customers to examine finer details in the product photos before purchasing, can help you improve your product images and maintain details like product colors and texture. You can make sure your photographs look fantastic on all platforms and devices by using our online image more upscale.

2. Fast Service

One of the essential features of is its fast service. You can achieve quality results in no time. You may quickly and effortlessly produce expert product photographs with its unique automatic AI-powered tool, which will help you fast-reach your target audience and enhance your sales.

Increasing Image Resolution by is a popular software that will enhance the resolution of your image. You can increase the resolution of your image from 2x up to 4x. Now, with upscale, you can have high-resolution images with a single click.

Your photo will look more realistic, and the colors will be more vibrant if you use upscale to enhance the resolution and quality of images of your products. Your products will look more attractive and attract more clients. It will surely increase your sales in less time, and you will achieve your goal. Upscale is an easy-to-use application and very reliable. 

How to use Application?

Simple steps must be followed to use This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to operate the image upscaler tool on a desktop computer, laptop, Android device, and iOS device.

Step 1 - The first step is to install the Application. Now, upload your photo to the app They support png, jpeg, jpg, and webp image formats.

Home Page of

Step 2 - When you choose your image, the online image upscaler program will increase the resolution twice. Use the option to improve it to 4X if you want to improve it. With the app, you may select from various choices, such as improving the image quality.

2nd Step to Upload image

Step 3 - You can use our AI magnifying tool for comparison. This tool will help you to compare both images, i.e., the original image and the result. AI magnifying tools will show that upscaled images have neater and finer pixels and high resolution.

3rd Step to compare both images

Step 4 - Now, proceed with the final step. You only need to download your groomed image to save your work. You will indeed be satisfied with the results.

Last and Final Step to Download image with High Resoulution


Your product photos can be upscaled in a variety of ways. However, I found the app to be quite helpful. With the help of, a potent online image enhancer, you can display your product shots in a way that looks wonderful and gives them a sharp, clear, high-resolution appearance.

They can be used for social networking, your company's website, marketing materials, and personal use. So why are you still waiting? Start using right away to observe the improvement in image quality.

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