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Enhancing the quality of images before posting on social media is a must in today’s time to attract a targeted audience. Most of the time, pictures are of low quality and resolution, so it needs to be improved, but what if you don’t have a system to edit or upscale images? 

Don’t worry!! So many apps are available for upscaling images that work well on your iPhones. Today, most people have iPhones, so it's not rocket science to upscale the image on iPhone.

But make sure that it won't ruin the image quality. We have enlisted some best image upscaling apps which work well on iOS. Keep reading to dig more about how to upscale on IOS.

What is Image Upscaling? 

Image upscaling is enlarging a digital image by increasing its resolution or size. This is done by adding new pixels to the original image using mathematical algorithms, such as interpolation or extrapolation. Upscaling is essential when enlarging small or low-resolution images, improving their quality, sharpness, and detail. 

While upscaling can be done manually using graphic software, AI-based upscaling tools like utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and process image data, resulting in more accurate and natural-looking upscaled images. 

With You can achieve high-quality upscaled images suitable for various applications, such as printing, advertising, or social media sharing. is the best tool for image upscaling, offering customizable settings, multiple format support, and quick processing times.

Why is Image Upscaling Necessary?

Image upscaling is necessary to enlarge an image without losing its quality. For example, when you want to print a picture on a large canvas or when you want to display an image on a larger screen. Without upscaling, the image would become pixelated, blurry, and lose its sharpness.

Upscaling an image can help to preserve its quality by adding new pixels to the existing ones. It works using algorithms that interpolate the original pixels and create new ones to fill the gaps. While upscaling can help improve an image's quality, it's important to note that it can't create new details not present in the original image.

Therefore, it's always best to start with a high-resolution image whenever possible.Nowadays, everyone uses social media, right? Whether posting your product pictures to increase business reach or uploading any personal stuff for fun, social media is a place. 

  • Upscaling helps in making your image look sharper and more appealing.  
  • The upscaled photos are more smooth and less pixelated. 
  • It transforms the blurred image into a high-resolution image which is a treat to the eyes. 
  • It takes your image to the perfection that you will feel as if the photo is taken from an expensive high-quality camera. 
  • It enlarges the images without spoiling the original quality.

Best Image Upscaling apps for iPhone

Here we have compiled a list of top-notch apps to help you enhance your photos and take your photography skills to the next level.


A good image upscaling app is important for levelling up the resolution of the images. There are thousands of upscaling apps available in the market, but they don’t always guarantee quality results. Almost everyone wants the best app for upscaling photos for their social media sites since no one wants to waste their time, money, or energy. is a free, lightweight & AI-based image upscaling app that converts low-quality images into high-quality ones within seconds. It not only loads fast but gives an amazing user experience. 

This app is available on the Play and App stores and can be downloaded for free. It has great algorithms needed to upscale images, give them a realistic touch, and enhance the picture's colors.

Features of app is the most amazing app, which is not only efficient but effective to use. It is completely based on Artificial intelligence to upscale the image quality for free. It can easily turn any low-quality image into a high-resolution image without damaging image quality.  

Here are a few features of the app; let's have a look. 

1. Automatic image enhancement

You don't need to put in your efforts and work manually. With the help of AI, the app can set the image resolution and improve the quality.   

2. Increase the resolution by 4X

By using, you can easily increase the image's resolution up to 4× without any hassle. Now you don't need to invest much in cameras for high-quality photos; is the saviour. All you have to do is select image resolution, click and submit, and the work is done.  

3. Multiple Image Formats supports various image formats, including PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP, allowing users to upscale images in their preferred format.

How does work?

Step 1 - You can download the app from the Google Play Store or App store for your android/iOS. You can access its official website using a desktop or laptop by typing “” in the search bar.

Downloading Page of

Step 2 - Afterward, go to the “+ Upload Image” button and upload the image you want to transform. Alternatively, if you have the image address, you can simply click the “URL” button and paste the address. 

2nd Step to Upload image

Step 3 - As a next step, submit the image and wait for at least two to three seconds when the AI algorithms will start processing the image. During the process, a message reflects that says, “Processing image, please wait.”

3rd Step of Processing image

Step 4 - You can see processed images as the processing is over. By default, it will provide the processed image to 2X. But if you can increase it up to the image resolution of 4x. You need to click the “Upscale to 4X” button. 

4th Step to Upscale upto 4X

Step 5 - You can also adjust the Enhance Quality button On or Off depending on your needs regarding artefacts, image sharpness, smoothness and preserving the natural quality of the image, etc.

5th Step to Enhance Quality

Step 6 - Now, you can click the “Download Image” button and store the processed image in your system.

Last Step to Download image in high Size

Now you know that is an easy-to-use image upscaling app that provides flawless results. It is free to download and user-friendly. Anybody who wants to process images can use it, including designers, marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, etc.

2. Picsart

Download page of Picsart

Pixelup is an AI-powered image enhancer that uses advanced algorithms to upscale and enhances low-resolution images. With its sophisticated image processing techniques, Pixelup can significantly improve the quality of images, making them sharper, clearer, and more vibrant. 

Whether you're a photographer, designer, or simply looking to improve the quality of your images, Pixelup offers a reliable and efficient solution that can help you achieve your goals. With its user-friendly interface and customizable settings, Pixelup is an excellent option for anyone looking to enhance their images using the power of AI.

3. PicWish

Downloading page of PicWish

PicWish is an AI-powered image enhancer that uses advanced algorithms to improve the quality of low-resolution images. With its sophisticated image processing techniques, PicWish can significantly enhance the sharpness, color, and detail of images, making them look more professional and eye-catching. 

The platform supports various image formats, including WEBP, PNG, JPEG, JPG, and HEIC, making it a versatile tool for all users. PicWish also offers several unique features, such as noise reduction, color correction, and sharpening, allowing users to fine-tune the results. 

The user interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy for anyone without technical knowledge. Overall, PicWish is a powerful AI image enhancer that can transform your images into stunning works of art, and it's worth trying out.


In conclusion, upscaling images on an iPhone can be tricky, but several tools are available to help achieve the desired result. This article has discussed various tools for upscaling iPhone images and provided a step-by-step guide on using the best AI image upscaler, 

By utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, can upscale images while preserving their quality, making it the ideal option for users looking to upscale their images without compromising the original details and sharpness. Following the instructions outlined in this article, users can easily upscale their images on an iPhone using and achieve high-quality results.


How can I upscale an image?

To upscale an image, you just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the website.

Step 2: Click the "Upload Image" button and select the image you want to upscale.

Step 3: After uploading the image, adjust the enhancement settings to your liking.

Step 4: Download the enhanced and upscaled image.

Can iPhone fix blurry photos?

Yes, you can fix blurry photos on your iPhone using the online tool You simply upload the blurry image to the website and use the tool to enhance and upscale the image, improving its clarity and resolution.

Why does upscaling look better?

Upscaling enhances the resolution of an image, making it look better, particularly on high-resolution displays. Using advanced algorithms to fill in details can make low-resolution images seem more detailed and sharp, improving overall visual quality.

Is there an app to fix blurry photos?

Yes, is an app that can be used to fix blurry photos.

How do you make blurry pictures clear?

You can make blurry pictures clear by using AI-based tools like This platform uses advanced algorithms to enhance the details of an image, reducing blur and improving overall clarity.

How do I convert a low resolution photo to high resolution?

You can convert a low-resolution photo to high resolution using It uses AI technology to analyze the image and enhances its details to produce a higher-resolution output.

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