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The future of search will be about pictures rather than keywords - Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann

It’s no secret that visual content is the most crucial element of an e-commerce website. Studies show people remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. The product images and videos on your website are a fabulous way to attract customers, establish your brand, prove yourself as trustworthy, and ultimately sell your product to the target audience.

And, since customers can’t physically touch or see the products, high-quality images help them check every minute detail of the product from top-to-bottom, left-to-right from all possible angles.

Therefore, it’s better not to compromise with the quality of product images in an eCommerce business and instead use high-quality product imagery to win your audience’s attention.

This blog post will walk you through the benefits of upscaled images in e-commerce and why you need an image upscaler tool to convert low-resolution images into HD  product images.

Role of High-Quality Images in E-Commerce 

Have you ever searched for a product on an online store and noticed the photo is so blurry that you can’t even examine its fine details and quality? Will you buy that product? Of course not!

Images are the cornerstone of an e-commerce business. In fact, these are the only way for a shopper to see what they’re purchasing online. However, the quality of images plays a massive role in their buying decision. While high-quality images can improve the shopping experience, poor or low-resolution images are unacceptable for e-commerce and can result in products sitting in shopping carts unpurchased and abandoned.

Here’s why you should invest in high-quality images for your e-commerce store: 

  • High-quality product images represents your e-commerce business and impacts how people look at your store. 
  • An image with greater clarity helps achieve the potential customers’ trust and proves that the product is good — both in appearance and quality. 
  • A clear, high-definition product image can provide instant information about the features, such as size, color, and even use. You can also show multiple angles of the products to customers to increase their confidence while shopping.
  • By using high-quality product photos, you can boost your SEO efforts, as these will increase the organic search traffic you receive to your product pages of the eCommerce website. 
  • Customers depend on accurate product photos while making a purchase. If the image has inconsistent color, size, or lighting, it can be deceiving, resulting in more returns and sales losses. 

Benefits of Image upscale for E-Commerce 

Though eCommerce businesses cannot fulfill the touch-feel experience of physical stores, high-quality product images can compensate for the experience by empowering people to see every nook and corner of the product. In fact, people rely entirely on good quality product images and descriptions to make their buying decision, as they can zoom in on the product, which gives them an idea of how it would suit their requirements. 

However, even if you have used a professional camera and optimized the lighting and angles, there will be times when you come across a picture in low quality or size. It can also happen that the only photos you have are low resolution, and you have to make it work. This is where image upscaling can offer tremendous help to your eCommerce business.

Here’s how an image upscaling can benefit your e-commerce business:

1. Creates a lasting impression

When a customer lands on your website, you have a few seconds to capture their attention. Product images are the first thing they notice on your store. Therefore, these play a huge role in providing an instant and lasting impression.

Upscaling your photos helps shoppers get an idea of the quality of your brand and products with just a glance at your website. Further, these can be beneficial in attracting quality leads and more revenue from sales. 

2. Offers a professional presentation

In your e-commerce store, you don’t get the chance to meet your customers in person and show them you’re an expert. The high-quality images on your website help them form positive opinions about your business and ensure your site looks professional. Plus, it shows that you take your e-commerce store seriously.

Further, a high-definition image looks sharper and smoother, which is crucial for both print and online media. When your product images appear clearly, more customers will pay attention to them, boosting your online as well as offline views.

3. Builds trust

In today’s online world, nothing is more important than trust. It's what allows us to transact with others whether it's making a purchase or simply sharing our thoughts and feelings. And when it comes to online trust, no factor is more important than a high-definition product image.

Suppose you want to purchase a dress from an online store. You click the product image only to find it’s small, blurred, and low resolution. Would you buy that product or anything from that business? Probably not.

That’s where image upscaling can help. Enhancing your image quality can allow your shoppers to trust your product quality and show that you’re not trying to hide something behind the low-quality product images.

4. Sets realistic expectations

30% of products ordered online get returned compared to 8.89% return rates at brick-and-mortar stores. Out of these returns, 22% happen because the product received looks different from the listed images.

Hence, the image upscaling technique works great in providing clear photos to your shoppers so they have realistic expectations and can buy the product with confidence. 

High-quality images can significantly reduce returns, saving you a lot of time and money. Further, low returns mean happy customers, increased sales, and ultimately more revenue.

Why use an Image Upscaler tool for E-Commerce? 

An image upscaler is an online tool that converts low-resolution images into a higher definition without losing any details. In other words, it enlarges or enhances the image quality to improve its overall feel and make it appear more professional.

Here’s why you need an image upscaler tool for click-worthy product images:

  • Image upscaler can help you fix dark, blurry, poor-quality images and make them look smoother, sharper, and professional. 
  • You can enhance the quality of your images within seconds no need to install paid software like Photoshop or have advanced knowledge of photo editing. 
  • These tools use the latest technology to enhance images without losing any critical details about the product and make them look realistic. 
  • These apps leverage advanced computer vision algorithms to increase the image resolution. 

How to do free image upscale online using is India’s best AI-driven image upscaler application that allows you to enhance images online for free — without compromising on quality. Its features include:

  • From product images and digital art to paintings and portraits — you can upscale low-quality or compressed photos by up to 400% (4X). 
  • Not only the e-commerce website owner but also an artist, photographer, or real estate professional can use this free tool to turn low-resolution images into high-quality images with a single click.
  • You can easily download this apps on your Android / iOS smartphones or visit its website to experience instant magic. 
  • It uses state-of-the-art AI technology to complete the upscaling process within few seconds. 
  • You can upscale images in JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WEBP format. 

Here’s how you can do free image upscale online using 

Step 1 - Go to the website or open the app (Android / iOS )on your mobile. 

Home Page of

Step 2 - Click the Upload Image option and choose the image you want to upscale.

2nd Step to Upload Image

Step 3 - Wait a few seconds until the image is upscaled by 2x automatically.

3rd Step to Upscale 2X

Step 4 - You can also change the Upscale to option to 4x, depending on your needs. 

4th Step to upscale 4x

Step 5 - Once done, download the upscaled image to save it on your Desktop or Smartphone. 

Last Step to Download Image in High Size

Wrap up 

For eCommerce retailers, image quality is a critical element of the customer journey. With a large proportion of online shopping purchases made on mobile devices, the importance of image quality is heightened further.

HD-quality upscaled images offer credibility to your e-commerce store and provide an edge over competitors. Plus, they convey professionalism and build trust among shoppers. 

Hiring a professional to upscale product images can be pretty expensive. This is where our AI backed free tool can help enhance your images by increasing image resolution without compromising quality to meet your personal & business requirements.


What is image upscale?

Image upscaling is a process that involves increasing the resolution of a digital image, making it appear clearer and more detailed. It's achieved using complex algorithms or AI technologies that effectively fill in additional pixel data to create a higher-resolution, more defined version of the original image. This technique is commonly used in photo restoration, digital art, and enhancing low-quality images.

Which is the ai that can enhance image quality? is an excellent AI tool that can enhance image quality. It employs advanced AI technologies to improve the resolution and clarity of digital images. By using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques, can transform low-quality images into high-resolution, visually appealing images.

Why do we need high quality images in eCommerce?

High-quality images are essential in eCommerce because they significantly influence customer purchasing decisions. Clear, detailed photos allow potential customers to examine the product closely, akin to the in-store experience, which builds trust and can increase conversion rates. Furthermore, high-quality images are more likely to be shared on social media, enhancing the product and brand visibility.

How do I optimize my images for eCommerce?

Optimizing images for eCommerce involves ensuring they are high-resolution for clarity and detail yet well-compressed to maintain fast page load speeds. It's important to use proper lighting and angles when capturing the images and consider using software tools or services, like, for enhancing image quality. Including multiple images showcasing different views and details of the product and using descriptive alt tags for SEO are also effective strategies.

What is the role of images in eCommerce?

Images play a critical role in eCommerce as they provide the first impression of a product to potential customers. They serve as a visual representation of the product's features, quality, and use, often influencing purchasing decisions due to the online environment where customers cannot physically interact. Additionally, well-optimized images can improve SEO performance and increase user engagement, driving traffic and conversions on the eCommerce site.

Does upscaling improve quality?

Yes, upscaling does improve image quality. It increases the image's resolution, making it appear sharper and more detailed, which is particularly useful for enhancing the quality of lower-resolution photos or graphics. Advanced upscaling tools use AI and sophisticated algorithms to add detail during the upscaling process, resulting in higher-quality, clearer, and more visually appealing images.

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