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How to increase the resolution of an image online without losing quality?

As technology advances, so does the ability to improve the quality of images taken with smartphones and other digital devices. However, there is a limit where increasing the resolution of an image beyond that will reduce its quality. This blog post will discuss how to improve the resolution of an image online without losing quality.


Why it is necessary to improve the resolution of an image?

Businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of high-resolution images that can be used on billboards, HD screens, digital marketing, and ad campaigns. Customers are inundated with high-resolution photos that seemingly offer a perfect view of the product or service they're considering buying.

Some incredible benefits of using a high-resolution image 

1) Increase the sharpness of out-of-focus objects

A sharp picture on your digital camera screen may fool you, as when the same image is viewed on a computer, desktop, iPhone, or iPad, the picture looks out of focus. You discuss this with different people, and they will say – this is a repeatable problem for them. 

High-resolution images ensure that clarity, sharpness, and vivid details of the objects in the image are visible to the target audience, even if they are zoomed in without the pixelation issue in the image.


2) Get better-looking images on larger screens

It is a common problem faced by every photographer. A higher megapixel shot image using a premium digital camera looks blurred on larger screens. We want clear and crisp photos, no matter what screen size we are looking at them on. This is where Image upscaling apps come into play, as they help us get better quality photos on larger screens. 

3) Grab customer attention like never before

Yes! It's a fact. High-resolution images can make heads turn and grab maximum attention for your brand. If you are using these images on the social media handle of your brand. In that case, they can help you attract more customers online, and they would appreciate the image by showering it with likes, comments, and happy emojis. These positive reactions would help position your post at the top position on the social media platform, which would help attract more quality traffic to the brand.

If you are using high resolution images on billboards, customers can see them from every nook and corner of the city, which would help them remember the brand identity and product offerings for a long time.

4) Boost sales for your business

Higher resolution images are known to get more sales than lower resolution ones. This is the same case across a variety of industries like from online retail to real estate. Customers can see more details in a high-resolution image, and they feel like they can trust what they see more. As a result, they feel more comfortable purchasing from your brand, thereby boosting overall sales.

5) Stay ahead of the competition

Business sectors like ecommerce, real estate, restaurants, jewellery, clothing and a lot more can stay ahead of the competition by presenting their product images in outstanding quality and with sharper details. That means more customers per image view.

Why use to enhance image resolution without sacrificing quality? is a powerful image upscaler application that can make your low-resolution images look sharper and more detailed. It uses a sophisticated AI algorithm to enlarge the image while preserving as much of the original detail as possible. That makes it the perfect tool for restoring old photos or improving the quality of images taken with a low-resolution smartphone.

The powerful app was created with one goal: to help you make your photos look their best. is available for iOS, Android, and Windows, and it's simple to use. Just open up the application, drag in your photo, and watch as it is automatically increases the resolution.

Productive features of for enhancing image resolution:

Quickly improve image quality application uses AI upscaling process to enhance low-quality images into higher resolution images in one click. The technology makes sure that there is no manual work or use of complex control buttons to improve the resolution of images.

Remove JPEG artifacts

JPEG artifacts are a common problem in digital photos. They appear as random, colorful spots or streaks throughout the image and are often mistaken for noise. JPEG artifacts are caused by compression of the photo file. 

When a photo is compressed, the computer eliminates some of the data that it thinks is unimportant. It can cause the image to become blurry, streaky and reduce its color can easily remove JPEG artifacts in one click by using the 'Enhance Quality' button that helps retain the image's softness, clarity, and its other natural aspects.

Boost image resolution by 4X

What if you could boost the resolution of an image by 400% in a few seconds? It is possible with the app, as the popular AI-powered App allows you to enhance image resolution instantly by selecting the customized option button (2X/4X).

Professionals can use it in all fields

Make a terrific first impression, whether you're an artist, an e-commerce store owner, an independent photographer, or a real estate expert, by converting your low-quality photographs into high-quality images with a single click.

Steps to using to remove JPEG artifacts quickly:

1) Go to the application or download from the Play store.

Tap the Google Play Store or Apple App Store icon on your smartphone's screen and download the App, or you can type "Upscale." media and press enter on the internet browser. 

2) Click the Upload Image button

Once you open the App, click the Upload Image button, and choose the image you want to upscale. You can upload the photo in JPEG, JPG, PNG, or WEBP format, and the image resolution can be upto 1500 x 1500 px. Wait for the App to process your image — it’ll only take a few seconds.

3) Select AI upscaling option to 4X

If you want to enhance your image beyond 2X resolution, you can change the upscaling option to 4X. Then, you will get two different image upscaling options:

  • Normal upscaling to 4X (1932 x 1416)
  • AI upscaling to 4X (1932 x 1416)

4) Check the Enhance Quality button

Next, you can also check the enhance quality button (ON/OFF). When turned off, your images will convert from low-quality images into high-quality ones. But, when turned on, it can increase the resolution of the processed image by removing JPEG artifacts and balancing the sharpness and softness of the image without losing its natural aspect.

5) Download the image

When the user is satisfied with the image quality, they can tap on the Download Image option to save it on their laptop, desktop, iPhone, or Android smartphone.


Sometimes, you need to increase the resolution of an image but don't want to lose any quality in the process. This article explained the image upscaling benefits of using one of the most potent AI-powered application that can boost image resolution for free without losing any quality.

Wait no more! Get your hands on the app today to upscale and enhance images for free and distance yourself from your competition.

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