PNG Image Upscaler: Top 7 Image Upscalers to Upscale Online

PNG Image Upscaler: Top 7 Image Upscalers to Upscale Online

PNG or Portable Network Graphic files are raster image files. It was initially developed as a replacement for GIF. PNG image files are widely used and have a very bright color Palette. These types of files can handle graphics with transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds. They're uncompressed images. There is also no loss in the quality of the picture. 

PNG files can store more detailed images. It's an open format, which means anyone can view and edit these files. There is no need for a license to edit, as no patent exists. As already mentioned, it does not lose any of its data even when compressed, which makes it easier to store and share.

We all have enjoyed and taken stress while doing a project, a school presentation, or a college assignment, yet we frequently stray and look for solutions during these times. When we know little or nothing, it negatively affects us. What if I told you that the images in your presentation for your upcoming school project would stun everyone? You could require something similar to this.

What are Upscaled Images?

Upscale means to upgrade, change and increase resolution. Upscale images have a smoother, less grainy appearance, making them more aesthetically pleasing. You can effectively correct grainy or fuzzy photos to improve viewing quality; upscaling an image enhances the quality enough to view a clean picture on a printout, even though it wasn't clear enough on the screen. The main focus of image upscaling is improving the quality of the picture.

You can insert any image and get an enlarged and enhanced picture version. Not to mention that processing these images takes less than a minute. With such performance and speed, you can use an image upscaler daily for all photos.

Why do We Need to Upscale Images?

Wouldn't it feel fantastic to see the world in high definition? Especially if you wear glasses, everything looks magnificent and defined, but soon you remove those glasses/lenses. It's all back to blurry vision. Why would anyone not want to experience the beauty all around them in HD when we all enjoy watching HD movies and television shows?

Why would someone choose to watch a fuzzy image or video when better ones are available? The same applies to image upscaling. It is about converting a lower-resolution image into a higher resolution and providing its definition. That's usually done by stretching the pixels of an image with a lower resolution and copy-pasting it to cover a large-resolution display.

1. Perks of Upscaling PNG Images

Improves the quality of the image when zoomed in or taken a printout.

2. Saves storage space

The lesser the size of the file, the more area you have on your device. PNG image files do not lose quality, no matter how much they are compressed.

3. It makes sharing files quick and easy.

We all love clicking and sharing pictures with our friends through social media apps/Messengers, but at times, the image size is too large to even load on your device. Imagine the time and data that it will take up to share. And let's not talk about the time others will spend trying to download the huge file. 

While sharing or attaching documents/files/png images on the mail or social media app, the quality worsens. Let's say you need to attach a passport-size photo on an application form, but your image isn't defined & as the image uploads on the website, it ruins the quality ten times more. Upscaling reduces time and preserves quality.

4. High-quality images are essential when it comes to business.

You don't want your presentation to look awful or your business social media account to have distorted, unclear, and blurry pictures. Your social media is your brand. For today's generation, social media is everything.

For example:- you are the latest shoe brand, and your Instagram page has just been started, everybody who would want to buy your products will first visit your IG page or website, and if the page has blurry or pixelated pictures, nobody would consider it an original account or think about actually worth spending on. Having an aesthetically pleasing feed is beneficial.

5. Brand operating

Managing a personal or professional social media account is essential to attract customers and keeping the audience in awe. Everybody loves to see clear, aesthetically pleasing pictures. Nobody would want to visit a feed or page with blurry and unclear images posted.

6. Let's take Instagram, the most famous social media application.

Imagine having a shopping Instagram page dedicated to your products. It becomes necessary to showcase the detail and make the feed aesthetically pleasing to appease the audience.

It is only possible if you upscale the images while preserving the quality. Instagram often affects the quality of an image after being posted. It usually crops the image and deteriorates the quality of the picture so that it fits within the size/ratio limit.

7. Decreased processing time

Websites with blurry, unclear, and large in size pictures take a long time to process. Nobody would want to wait hours to see low-quality images. Helps process websites/blogs quickly.

Let's imagine you are shopping on a website that takes a long time to load. Large image files are frequently to blame for this lag as they use a lot of data while loading, and Png images take less time to process.

8. Publishing PNG image files make the site process quicker and consume less data.

Many of us have blog pages and websites where we write, and we try our best to look more appealing to the audience. We focus more on the appearance but ignore uploaded and published file size and how much it affects the overall.

The larger the image files, the more time consumed. Not everyone has a strong network connection, and not everybody is patient enough to wait for the website to process. PNG files are open to edit and format, have no patent, and require no license to view and edit these files.

9. Getting a clear and defined image

Let's say you have to participate in a school project or have a college assignment. It requires you to prepare a presentation on a topic. You are ready with the materials, info, and pictures, but the PPT takes time to load at the reveal.

The images are incredibly pixelated and distorted. It looks rubbish, and all the hard work has gone to waste. None of us wants this to happen. It is where lodging and upscaling images provide you with the upper hand.

Top 7 png Image Upscaling Tools

Top 7 png Image Upscaling Tools


Home Page of Upscale.Media


  • Supports various image formats like Png, jpeg, jpg webp.
  • Free to use online, app available.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android(smartphones) & Windows/MAC OS (PC).


  • Visit the official site of or download the app on your android/iOS devices.
  • As soon as the site loads, you'll notice a box with an uploaded image written on the top. Tap on the uploaded image or paste the link URL of the file.
  • Within seconds, the picture will be available. You can alter the settings on the image, i.e., change the file size (1x, 2x,4x) and enhance the quality of the image with an on and off switch. 
  • Adjust the details according to your needs and download the image.


Home Page of Gigapixel


  • Compatible with MAC OS and Windows(pc).
  • Free to use online(website).
  • A paid subscription to access additional features.


  • Visit the website and click on the option called- Try for free. And enter your Gmail address.
  • You'll get a link on your mail id. Click on the link you shared, install the software, run a few setups, and wait.
  • Launch the software, open the image in the application tab, and use the settings on the right side of the window to upscale.
  • Edit the picture, click on download, and save the image.

Vance AI Image upscaler

Home Screen of Vance AI Image upscaler


  • Easy to use.
  • Compatible with (PC) Windows, Mac & Android (smartphone).
  • Free trial available, paid subscription for access to all features.


  • Visit the website, click on All solutions, wait for the page to load, and click on upload image.
  • It'll take you to the Vance AI workspace tab, click the plus sign, and select the image you want to edit.
  • Wait for a few minutes. As the image loads, you can adjust the enlargement scale (2x, 3x) accordingly. Click on start the process. As the image processes, Tap the preview button, notice the changes and click on download to save the image.


Home Page of Icons8 


  • Compatible with macOS and Windows browsers.
  • A free trial is available, and you need to buy a subscription for extra features.
  • Quick, effortless results.


  • Visit the website, and swipe until you see the browse option or the 'drop image here' option. 
  • Click on browse, select the image option, and select the picture you want to edit. Make sure it should be less than 5 MB, as this tool doesn't accept files larger than 5 MB.
  • Wait for a little bit for the image to load. You will also get the option to adjust the scale of (1x,3x) the picture. Alter the details accordingly and click on download.
  • Mind it. The image will have a watermark. To remove the mark, you need to buy a subscription plan.


Home Page of Bigjpg


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac software (PC), iOS, and Android.
  • Free trial available. For access to extra features, you need to buy the subscription plan.
  • Quick results.


  • Visit the website or download the app. You will also have the option to download a free trial. 
  • Click on the green button saying select an image, and select the picture you want to edit.
  • A pop-up box with appear; set up the configuration, and adjust the details of your file (image type, upscale level).
  • Wait for a few minutes to see the result, and then download the file.

Image upscaler

Home Page of Image upscaler


  • Free to use online.
  • Subscription for ad removal and access to extra features.
  • The app is available on iOS and Android devices.
  • Simple to use.


  • Visit the website or download the app.
  • You will see various options available for photo editing. Swipe a little down at photo upscaling, and click on the blue button that starts upscaling.
  • Click on add or drop files here. Please select the image you want to upscale but ensure it's less than 5MB, as this tool doesn't accept files larger than 5 MB. Also, it only accepts files in PNG or JPG format. 
  • After selecting a file, it will take around a minute to process it. Click on the download image and save the file.


Home Page of Img.Upscaler


  • Free trials(5) are available online on the website.
  • Fast processing.
  • For access to extra features, you need to buy a subscription plan.


  • Visit the site, swipe a little down, and click on the dark blue button' drag or drop option.
  • Please select the image you want to edit, but make sure it's less than 5MB, as the site only accepts files less than 5MB, and the picture's dimensions should be no more than 4000 pixels.
  • Click on the drag or drop option, select the file and wait for it to process. Click on the start option on the right of the image you want to edit.
  • After processing the image, click on download to save the file.


How to upscale image online?

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Upscaling an image online is easy using Here are the steps:

Step 1: Visit the website.

Step 2: Upload the image that you want to upscale.

Step 3: Let the AI tool process your image, enhancing its resolution and clarity (You can adjust the enhancement quality to 2x or 4x).

Step 4: Download the upscaled, high-resolution image.

The process is user-friendly and requires no specialized knowledge or software.

Which AI increases image quality?

down arrow is the best AI tool to increase image quality. It uses advanced AI technology to enhance your images' resolution and overall quality, making them sharper and more detailed.

Is PNG the highest quality image?

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PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is known for its high-quality image representation. It is a lossless compression format that doesn't lose quality during compression. This makes it ideal for storing images requiring high-quality details, transparency, and text. However, this high quality also results in larger file sizes than other formats like JPEG.

How to upscale png image?

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Upscaling a PNG image using is quite simple. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the website.

Step 2: Upload the PNG image that you want to upscale.

Step 3: Adjust the upscaling setting to 2x or 4x.

Step 4: The AI tool will process your image, enhancing its resolution and clarity.

Step 5: Download the upscaled, high-resolution image.

This user-friendly platform makes improving the quality of your PNG images easy.

Does PNG lose quality?

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No, PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files do not lose quality over time or due to compression. PNG uses a lossless compression method, meaning it maintains all the image's original data and quality, even when the file is compressed or decompressed multiple times. This makes PNG an ideal choice for storing high-quality images, especially those requiring transparency or containing text.

How to upscale transparent images?

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To upscale transparent images, you can use This AI-powered tool can process and enhance the resolution of your images while preserving their transparency. Simply upload your transparent image to the platform, which will automatically upscale and enhance the image while maintaining its original properties, including transparency.

Upscale and Enhance Your Images Using AI

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