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Images are the most critical part of online content. But when it comes to print media, the image is often your first impression, so you must take care when editing or adding images to your content piece. Print media can be enhanced with the use of This application can enhance images to make them look more high-end, increasing their chances of being selected for publication.Β 

‍ is an easy-to-use application that can be downloaded from Google Store. It requires no special skills or knowledge and can be used by anyone to improve the appearance of their images. This article will discuss how can help you enhance your images for print media with a few easy steps!


Why are high-quality printed images important?

Print is the most impactful way to share your message with the broadest audience. People first see and remember images when they think of your brand. Print media can be expensive to produce, so ensuring your high-quality images is crucial to ensuring that you're getting your money's worth. There are many ways to enhance images for print media, but we recommend using because it's affordable and easy to use.Β 


Here are some of the benefits of high-quality printed images

1. High-Quality Images Make the Content More Interesting

Images play a significant role in print media. Whether it's a magazine, brochure or flyer, images are the instant and visual content people relate to and connect with. Images have the power to make the content more exciting and relatable. However, low-resolution images look fuzzy and unclear. But with the help of an online image-enhancing app, you can quickly improve your image quality.


2. High-Quality Images Help Sell Your Product

High-quality images help your clients build trust in your brands. Using high-quality images for your print media will lead to a positive outlook toward your product/ service and help you retain more customers.


With the high quality and enhanced pictures, your customers will relate to your brand and have a higher impact, helping them purchase from you. Also, high-quality images boost your brand value, effectively publicize your products on several print media platforms, and bring continuity to your sales campaigns.


3. High-Quality Images Help to Convert Leads

With better resolution and a clear image, you can show your product/ service to your prospects through various print media. It will encourage your prospective clients to visit your website. With high-quality images and content, your visitors will remain longer on your website, thereby helping you get more sales. High-quality and high-resolution images help you tell your brand story. You can increase user engagement and boost your presence by using clear and crisp photographs.Β 


Regarding print media, the higher the photo's resolution, the better the image for higher lead conversion. With, you can get a higher resolution (up to 4X) and sharper images to get the perfect professional look for your images.


How can you get upscaled images for printing using app?Β 

Upscale.mediaΒ is an AI-powered app that helps you automatically upscale your images for printing beautiful, high-quality photos. It has valuable features that make it easy to use, with a simple and elegant UI.Β 

‍ can automatically detect the resolution of your image and offer images with an increased resolution of up to 4X. By doing this, you can get high-quality prints (up to 4X the resolution of the original setting) without having to spend hours tweaking the settings manually.


Another great feature of is its ability to create clear and crisp versions of images suitable for printing. If you toggle the button to enhance the quality of the source image, it will automatically and effectively balance the sharpness in the photo, preserving its natural aspects.


That means you can save money by using the app to produce prints just as good as those produced by more expensive methods like hiring professionals or using paid software like Photoshop. Improving the image resolution of your printed images will help you stay competitive and attract customers interested in high-quality products.


How to use

The app is straightforward and takes just a few clicks to use. Using this step-by-step guide, you will be able to create unique and clear images for your print media.Β 


Steps to using the app:

Step 1 - Download from Google Play Store, or you can directly use the application from the website.Β 


Home Page of


Step 2 - Click the upload image button. You can upload pics with resolutions up to 1500x1500.


2nd Step to Upload image


Step 3 - Click Ok and get enhanced images in seconds.


3rd Step to Processing image


Step 4 - For a more enhanced and sharp image, choose 4x resolution and enhance the quality of the image for print media. You can also switch between the buttons to improve the quality of the image, which balances the sharpness and preserves the image's natural aspects.


4th Stepp to Upscaling 4X


Step 5 - Download upscaled and high-quality images for free.


Last Step to Download high-quality images for free


Conclusion is an excellent resource for enhancing images for print media. The software offers simple yet effective features that can help make your photos look their best. The application automatically enhances colour correction, brightness, contrast, and saturation and boosts the photo resolution for use in print media. By using this popular Image Upscale app, you can ensure that your upscaled images look professional and polished for print media use.


How can I enhance a photo to print?

To enhance a photo for printing, you can use By uploading the photo to, the advanced AI algorithms will improve the resolution and visual quality of the image, making it suitable for high-quality prints. The upscaled version from ensures better details and sharpness, providing a visually appealing photo ideal for printing purposes.

What image quality is best for printing?

The best image quality for printing is typically 300 dots per inch (dpi). Images with a resolution of 300 dpi provide high detail and sharpness, resulting in clear and crisp prints with excellent visual quality. This resolution is commonly recommended for professional printing, ensuring the printed images look their best and retain fine details.

How to enlarge a picture for printing without losing quality?

To enlarge a picture for printing without losing quality, use By uploading the image to, the advanced AI algorithms will upscale the picture, preserving details and sharpness, resulting in a high-resolution version suitable for printing without sacrificing image quality.

What is the DPI for high-quality print?

The standard DPI (dots per inch) resolution for high-quality print is 300 dpi. This resolution ensures that the printed images have a high level of detail and sharpness, making them suitable for professional printing and producing clear and visually appealing prints with excellent image quality.

Is PNG or JPEG higher quality for printing?

PNG is the higher quality format for printing as it is a lossless image format that retains all the original image data without degradation. JPEG, being a lossy format, can result in some loss of image quality during compression.

Why do pictures lose quality when printed?

Pictures may lose quality when printed due to a difference in resolution between the digital image and the printing output. Low-resolution images may appear pixelated or blurry when printed in larger sizes, as the printer tries to stretch the limited number of pixels to fill the larger print area, resulting in a loss of detail and visual quality.

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